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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
I thought it would be good to have a thread where we talked about how other members have changed our minds about issues, given good advice, or made recommendations that were helpful. I.e., Let's talk about how we influence each other positively!

I think it a good idea to restrict ourselves to posts/discussions that were made openly out on the board (as opposed to private exchanges). In fact, you may name the thread if you like.

I'll start: A month ago Kresge recommended an excellent book that I've since bought and been reading: By These Hands. This book is on the history of African American Humanist thought. It has been a real eye opener for me. The recommendation was made on the thread Discrimination Against Atheists.

In terms of "influence" I would have to say that Sandye has been a positive influence for me.

Along with being very intelligent & wise, she's also a very classy lady with a lot of heart -- and a loving spirit that trancends the internet. She seems to always have a kind word for everybody & her calm demeanor is apparent in her postings. Quite frankly, she is the one woman [from this board] I would love to meet one day. I'm proud of her and everything she's about. She makes me want to do better when it comes to interacting with the people on the board & accomplishing goals I've set for myself.

And she's beautiful inside & out. Smile