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Nmaginate... I really like you, and your thoughts. Even with all your mean remarks. Maybe I wrote this all wrong. I don't even understand some of these responses. I actually just wanted to chat with you, and get to know more about you.

All Im trying to do is bring blacks TOGETHER.

MY ISSUE IS, I want to get to know you guys more. I don't have a dad, so maybe when look at the pics of these smart old men who seem to care about something, I just wish I could be closer or on your level. The POLITICS about it are, that b/c this is a forum, its a place to debate. But, we also have to remember each other. No matter how our beliefs differ, there is still a silent war against US... Not just portions of us, but all of us.

My suggestion was, to INCREASE community togetherness. Okay, I will stop calling it Unity. That is the wrong term. I suggested LIVE chats about a specific topic..... Its just another form of bringing people together. Look, Im in a 15 member yahoo group that meets faithfully once a month to discuss a specific health problem. We don't all agree, and the ONLY thing we have in common is the disease. From day 1 you join the group, you're bombarded with info about the disease.

Im just a 25 year old young lady, who is interested in politics, and becoming aware. I realize that it will take some sort of organization for that to happen.

Maybe I should have said, MBM where's the organization.

Because, its difficult to be a member here if you aren't already a know it all. I guess I'll just stick to my MSN communities, and other sites where people are willing to be connected.

This is a big issue. If on many communities blacks are pitted against each other... Its something to be concerned with. Think about the power of the web.

I just wanted to mention my feelings to MBM.

The next time I visit this community, I'll make sure I have a valid politcal issue to discuss. Who would have thought that black people getting together online in an organized way would be a problem.