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Little Fella:

I have "power" and influence over myself and my family.
COP OUT!! And your typical Race To The RAT HOLE!

I guess you have that thing you call "CONDITIONED HOPELESSNESS." You only have power/influence that only goes so far. You can't do any more than that. You're hopeless. The situation you're up against is hopeless.

I mean, you rant, rave and rail against stuff? That you can't control? I thought you had a theory about that. You know, that you don't worry about things and people you have no control over.

CON-Feed. It's NOW time for the STOP THE SELF-HATRED Campaign. You can lead that charge for yourself. STOP! Contradicting yourself, grow a pair and start saying things that are logically consistent.

You're quick to say or rather excuse the fact that you have no criticism, critiques or challenges for White America or the American system(s) because, as noted, you don't worry about things you don't have control over. I believe you've say something to the effect that you can't make White people do this or that, etc. (as you were quick to justify why White folks feel/are justified...)

Well, now, you're acknowledging that you don't have control or power or influence over the overwhelming majority of Black people but you sure do concern yourself with, worry about, act obsessed with the behaviors and activities of Black people whom you admit you have no power over.

Now what is your problem? Why do you even bother? If you believe the BULLSHIT you say (which you say as a convenient way for you to duck and dodge your way to the nearest RAT HOLE)?


IF my bit of influence upon this kids... comes out to be a net NEGATIVE then you can say all that you have said about me.
Hmmm.... What have I said about you?

You definitely don't respect any type of process or any real MEASURING OF EFFECTIVENESS, etc., etc. You just want what you call "Affirmative Action", a set-aside, for your views that eliminate you from having to demonstrate how your ideas are logical, accurate, responsible, legitimate, authentic or anything close to EFFECTIVE.

That's what you quoted from "what I said about you." What does any of what you said about a "Net Negative" have to do with the demonstrated fact that you don't believe or practice what you say with respect to respect a PROCESS for determining MEASURED EFFECTIVENESS?

You've been given ample opportunity here. Yet you're short (and I'm being generous) on the presentation. Things you say here are nothing about an assorted mix of empty, silly, vague and meaningless RHETORIC. FYI, that has little to do with what I think about what you do in your personal life. Matter of fact, I've told you, for all intents and purposes HERE... I don't give a damn about your personal life. Only your sorry ass take shit that damn personal and can't separate two things that don't necessarily have anything to do with one another, especially in terms of anything "I've said about you."

I've only spoken about shit you say here. To hell with your personal life. That's never the subject with me... only your PUNK and PUSSY nature wants it to be about your personal life.

If you want me to UNIFY with you then how about establishing a dEMOCRATIC FRAMEWORK?
You don't believe in democracy, PUNK!!

There is no way you can talk about the Tyranny of the Majority and be so selective and DEFERENTIAL in your application of the principle... if you believed in democracy.

Not being able to Stay ON TOPIC, for you Con-Feed... is a NEGATIVE - net, gross and always.