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Asian people were colonized by Whites too, but you don't see them complaining about Slavery. This is the 21st century, and Black people simply cannot afford to be complaining about something that happened to them 500 years ago, not in the 21st century. We have lost our sense of work ethic, and we need to stop waiting for people's sympathy


I don't have the same views as your date.

It is not about "working hard". PLENTY of people "work hard".

For me it is about CULTURE and the PROCESS for achieving these cultural directives.

Many Asian families have the concept of "Shame upon the family". This "pressure" is put upon the kids to have them act in line with some sort of principles and dignity as they conduct their lives. SURELY all of them do not abide by this all of the time but atleast it can serve as a course correction over the long run.

Compare that against the common theme of REBELLION that runs rampid among the popular culture that many (NOT ALL) Black kids grow up in. What is right is now wrong. If you are a "SNITCH" you have broken some code. This benefits THE CRIMINALS in our community and suppresses the INNOCENT people attempting to live in peace and safety.

Whenever WE DO ATTEMPT A HOMEGROWN SOLUTION TO ADDRESS PROBLEMS ACTED OUT BY BLACK FOLKS you know that one word of criticism by a WHITE PERSON will have the entire focus of the conversation shift from what WE NEED TO DO AS A PEOPLE over to a double barrel assault as to how WHITE FOLKS ARE DOING THE VERY SAME THING AND YET SEEM TO GET AWAY WITH IT. What does THIS POINT have to do WITH BLACK PEOPLE AND OUR SENSES OF IF SOMETHING IS RIGHT OR WRONG? If your adversary wishes to wallow in the mud as you stand up out of it - you clean yourself off while he remains muddy.

As the WORLD changes and other powers begin to stand tall the current dichotomy of White America and Black America will no doubt be broken. In America we now have the Hispanic question. Internationally we have the issue of what China is doing to us with it's growing economic power.

It is time NOW to put away the fundamentalism and focus on a PROCESS that will produce results.