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Originally posted by Isome:
The above post is why online communities like this are frequently distracted from unifying dialogue.

Don't look at MBM... look at the shyt-stirrers and misfits who are hell bent on telling other Black folks that the white people way is the only way to go. While it goes without saying that we don't always agree, for the most part, we can disagree without losing sight of our commonalities.

It's people like the above who are the malevolent, disruptive sources in online communities, and there can be no disagreement without derogatory conjecture and personal enmity. They desperately want to be accepted and valued, all the while rejecting and devaluing the ethnicity to which they claim membership.


Please detail the ERRORS in my post that you refer to INSTEAD of the points that YOU disagree with? Are they "wrong" because YOU disagree with them or are they "wrong" in absolute terms?

It is interesting that when AMERICA talked about "unifying behind the flag" after the 9/11 attacks SOME PEOPLE like Al Sharpton wisely saw the consequences of doing so. (another positive comment about a Black person, HB).

He saw the call for UNITY as a call to put aside all of his concerns that were important to him and to focus upon an EXTERNAL ENEMY as a UNIFYING FORCE.

He didn't "cheaply" BUY that particular call for "unity" by the dominant power of the country. I DON'T BY the call for "Unity" by the dominate ideology that has the Black community hi-jacked.

Again - If you want me to UNIFY with you then how about establishing a dEMOCRATIC FRAMEWORK? Where is the process for conflict resolution and for SIFTING THROUGH A NUMBER OF METHODS TO REACH OUR COMMON GOALS, DISPOSING OF THE ONE'S THAT DON'T WORK AS WE FIND THE ONE'S THAT DO WORK?

I find it interesting that many of you attempt to dismiss the processes that work for governments and for corporations as you attempt to apply it to a "race of people". The fact is that it is THE PROCESS that a collection of people adopt that have them to rise higher than the next group of people who don't have a process to fortify and intensify their efforts. This is the only way you "unify" people into working for the same goal.

The PROCESS will keep those in the minority from revolting because they know that they can engage THE PROCESS to affect change over time.

In the end Isome - I believe that you are a rebel against the system that contains you but YOU don't like when people "rebell" against YOU and your ideas.