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I don't know why some of you are so hell bent on defending the right to debate.. I didn't deny the need for that at any point in my post. I just pondered why there is an overwhelming amount of pitting us against each other, and a lack of unification. I suggested bringing us together LIVE to discuss topics. That is a way to bring us TOGETHER to chat. Perhaps not unifying us on a topic, but bringing us together as a COMMUNITY.

We are all very different, and its great to discuss our differences. At the same time, there is a common thread among us. Im looking for Unification as an online community.
I really like this community, but it seems like if you don't have something to get riled up and defensive about, there is no point in posting.

Que Pappa @ Nmaginate
I mean sometimes I think this dudes pressure has got to be up. Either your pressure is up, or you have an enormous amount of time and blunts handy.

You are really out there, and I love it. How about tomorrow at 8 Central everyone available log on to chit chat with Nmaginate. LIVE-All about Nmaginate.

Up to the challenge? A little Wednesday night all about Nmaginate? ; )

MBM, hook it up, can this forum do chat sessions?