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Texas Star:

UNITITY alone is not what we Black folks need.

The dominant Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist wants UNITY with ALL OTHERS dropping what they believe and rallying around their flag. They alone know all about Black folks and everyone else is wrong.

I WANT UNITY BEHIND OBJECTIVES AND THEN METHODS TO ACHEIVE THEM THAT ARE PROVEN TO WORK. Prove that what you preach is EFFECTIVE and I will be the biggest cheerleader.

Instead we have folks who run off of the notions of POPULARITY of their believes among the masses. They don't have the PROOF of the effectiveness just the POPULARITY.

There is nothing wrong with debate.

I would like to see all combatants submit to a FRAMEWORK.

We can get behind what YOU support BUT put a TIME FRAME ON IT. If after a certain period of time of trying it YOU WAY if things have not changed WE MUST ABANDON THE FAILED METHODOLOGY and try something that is more EFFECTIVE.

It makes sense to try things that work elsewhere. This is called "Best Practices".

FUNDAMENTALISM is the biggest problem that we have in Black America. No amount of evidence of the GROSS FAILURE of what they believe is going to be enough to change their mind into attempting something else.

They practice the function Y = -1 x X where they are Y and their enemy is X. They will be diametrically opposed to the position of their enemy SIMPLY BECAUSE their enemy supports a certain postion.

Ask MBM about school choice and school vouchers despite the failing public schools of today and you will understand what I am saying.