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"The revolution will be televised", well-when does it start, and where do people sign up?

MBM, I really love your site and what you are doing. I am not trying to single you out, or start any problems. One thing I've noticed is that most online communities favor topics of disagreement rather than unification.

I think promoting critical dialogue is important, but some topics should strive to find solutions as well. (not just opinion debunking and bashing)
Hopefully you haven't become defensive, and started searching for every iota of unifying topics.

How about posts promoting scheduled live chat events with a topic to discuss.

I feel like your site is more, "Negro, you don't know this, thats whats wrong with Americas!", instead of "Negros, this is what you need to know, and this is what we need to do about it." But, this is the community you designed.

Hopefully people will see this community as more than just a place for opinion defending and complaining by articulate black people. At the end of the day, MBM may believe in Christ, HeruStar maybe in Amen, Ngmagite in Allah, and Fine in the Virgin Mary, WHO KNOWS, at the end of the day there is white man who wants to knock off all of yall.

Hopefully their is more UNIFICATION and knowledge sharing from posters. Wink
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