Reply to "Mauritania: An Arab Love Affair With Slavery"

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Now can we have the open and honest discussion about how Islam was used by Arabs like Christianity was used by Europeans to enslave Africans??

Not with a frame that has been shown over and over to be false. 

*lets keep it 100, there are people who only pretend to give a sh*t about this topic because they want to argue that Islam is just another product of white people that should be treated just like Christianity.  The moment its shown that there are very REAL differences between pre and post modern slavery and Black people's involvement---suddenly they lose interest.


Depending on how seriously people are about'd see that there has been a shift in how this topic is handled by AfroCentric scholars who understand that there is a clear attempt to either misrepresent the historical record involving slavery in Africa (Arab or NON Arab but ALL being Dark skinned Black people). 


The days Half assed column's and shoddy scholarship being treated as gospel are over.


Some of these same people got straight hustled by the SaveDarfur crowd.


stay woke.


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