Reply to "Mauritania: An Arab Love Affair With Slavery"

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What is it that you think I have made up?  There is nothing in my post that I 'made up', although one part of it is my opinion, and I stated that much.


But the issue at hand is the fact that African/Black people are being singled out to be enslaved in Arab controlled countries, as they have been for centuries now, and there is nothing about that system of enslavement that shows or points to it not being a racially caste system any less than system of slavery formally in America.  


But, I hope that you understand that I'm not trying to argue with you or that I mean anything to you personally, but merely am discussing things that are actually happening, right now, in the year 2013, with Africans/Black people/people of the Black race.  

Im not saying you (personally or specifically) but in a general sense-as this comes up.  And I don't see you as arguing or holding any ill will toward me at all, though Im sure you can understand my slight irritation at this type of situation. 


We can agree that in this culture of white supremacy words and associations are often made that have little to do with reality.  The easiest example is of the "welfare mother" and affirmative action programs.  No matter how many stats you show, or how many times its stated explicitly, there are people who will only ever associate those concepts with Black women.  But is that association based in truth?  Is it real?


This happens more concerning events (past and present) on the African continent than many of us would care to admit to.


We (as a people) are continuously hustled emotionally.  Images are placed in front of us for the sole purpose of getting a knee jerk reaction-from with further games are run. 


While the subject of African history can be a bit dense at times, its not so dense to make in incomprehensible.  I respect the contributions of Chancellor Williams, and Dr. Clarke, but my respect for them doesn't allow their work to be elevated to beyond questionable status.  Its not a dis to those individuals at all, they are not the focus, the subject is. 


However, there are clear and quite strong undertones that cannot be avoided.  In the name of condemning "Arabs" as and "outside invading force"  every piece of data that points to Arabs originating from within Africa is ignored.  While Arab's self identified as Black (meaning dark skinned) there's references are made to "white Arab invasions".  Where is the evidence of such? When the position is challenged-and counter accusation is made that the challenger is guilty of 'covering for Islam' or 'wearing blinders' etc etc.


Again, what does the evidence say?


We are all entitled to our respective opinions.  I only take issue with how opinions are formed, and on what basis are they made-whether we agree or disagree.  


How can one claim that Muslims don't want to deal with  issues (such as African slavery, tribalism, modern day conflicts)  when there are entire bodies of literature devoted to the subject?   In this thread alone I've posted material that debunk two reoccurring themes:

1. Arabs (original) are outsiders (non indigenous) who invaded Africa

2.  Arabs (original) are distinguishable from Africans (ie African's are Black, Arabs are light/white or somn else)


Both of these issues are addressable(and have been addressed) without ever touching the theology of Islam. 




.....yet the myth continues.