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This isn't a matter of "justification" any more that Post Tramutic Slave Disorder is "excuse making".  The issue is the discussion of history and the historical record and not a revised history that with the agenda of making Islam "anti African".  Beyond that, I'll ask the same question I've asked in other threads.  How do you define an "Arab"? Who and what are "Arab"?



The question isn't  if African Islamic can be  discussed.  It is, and has been for some time. The issue is, "what happens when things we assume are historically correct descriptions of African culture/civilization ....aren't?" 


While some on this board may want to belive that I am only covering for "fellow Muslims"  The reality is we (Particuarlly the Lost found NOI in the west) is in stark contrast to the Aryanization Islam that people associate with going on in Africa today. 


While note below was a response to a particular individual, it does address issues relevant issues raised here.


Arabs and the Many Shades of Blackness


The question is thus not whether or not the ancient Arabs, and thus the Arab Prophet, were black or not. They clearly self-identified as black. The question is: which shade of black were they?"



I'm not inferring that "Arab" in and of itself means non-Black anymore than I would say that American means non-Black; I know that some African(Black people) call or consider themselves "Arabs".   But, irregardless to how many African (Black people, people of the Black race) that consider or call themselves "Arabs", it is Africans/Black people that are being held in slavery in Arab controlled countries, countries like Mauritania, where 20% of the population is Black and enslaved.  


There are no Arab countries where they are enslaving non-Black people, at least not on that scale, nor are there any Arab countries where slavery has never been abolished for non-Black Arabs.  So, it is definitely a racial and a color-caste system of enslavement going on that has never stopped since the Arab invasions of Africa and their enslavement of African/Black people in the Arab slave trade.  


Hell, during slavery in America, there were free Black people that actually considered themselves Christians, all the while that it was only Black people that were enslaved.  

In my honest opinion, I believe that Black Muslims are hearing-no-evil, seeing-no-evil, and speaking-no-evil where this obvious system of enslaving members of the Black race are concerned when it is Arabs that are doing the enslaving, as well as hearing-no-evil, seeing-no-evil, and speaking-no-evil where Africans/Black people's "acceptance" into Islam is being used as the means by which non-Black people/Arabs enable the continuing encroachment into Africa by Arabs for the usurp of African natural resources and territory .  It is no different than how "Christians" invaded this country, made the Natives English-speaking Christians  [strip Native Americans of the memory of their own culture and religion and natural-born rights to their own land]as part of their quest to take over even more [All] Native lands in a way that would put the Christians in a superior positions and in control of this country's natural resources.   

So, it's not Islam nor is it merely Arabs, but it is the Arabs that have used and still do use Islam to facilitate the take-over of African territory and the enslavement of Africans/Black people.