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Reply to "Mass Water Shutoffs Continue In Detroit"

America would just like for all Blacks in America to be either incarcerated or dead.

There is something so mentally deranged with the Black men in this country, if they keep doing what they're doing, maybe America will get it's wish. They're beyond out of control. Black men created these monsters and are such monsters themselves, have no control over the monsters they've created. That's called a fucked up situation. You expect the WHITE MAN to come in and solve your problems. The PRIME killers and haters  of you when you aren't killing and hating each other. There are no words for this racial shit storm.

Seeing as to how you can't handle your children, maybe the butt and hand is the way for you to go for sexual relief. You don't like Black women, you can't handle the productions you create, take the pecker in hand or prance your way to sexual glory. The prison pecker is always flopping in anticipation or your anus and mouths upon your arrival. Enjoy your dumb selves. You're going to end up dead eventually, anyway. Cancer, syphilis, some STD or another, Wowee!! Animalistic  cage living for the humanistic animals. That's dumb fuckery, personified, the WHITE MAN putting TRILLIONS in his pockets over your tomfoolery and bullshit. 3 lifetime sentences to be served simultaneously. What kind of shit is that? You'll be lucky to reach 50 years of age. You'll be smarter than a whip though, all the time for reading books you'll have in the cage. No one will give two shits though. No one. No one will care about you unless you have some family members who will care regardless of your situation.

Life has so much more to offer, poor or not. Breathing free is glorious. Create a job for yourselves, clean up the Projects, buy a broom, sweep something, take a walk in a park, admire squirrels, who are damn adorable if you watch them long enough. Clean some cars. Read a fucking book. If you don't know a word, look it up. I had to look up syphilis. Couldn't spell it worth a damn. Buy a dictionary.

Stay out of liquor stores, stay off drugs, stop smoking cigarettes, earn money legally instead of illegally. Wear your pants correctly. You're not going to be hired anywhere with the waist of your pants swinging off the head of your dick. Hopefully, you don't have shit stains on the back of your drawers for the whole world to see. There's not much that looks dumber than that anywhere; but then again, it might be those blurple tattoos you've adorned yourselves with.

You're probably all suffering INK POISONING  OF THE LITTLE BRAIN that you have remaining.  White man won't tell you about that shit until they begin to have the affliction. They probably have it already. They're the ones that were tattooed into blackness, first.  They think they're cool with both arms black as night with ink, wearing no sleeves to show that shit off; thinking THEY'RE cool. They're not much better than you in the Murdering/Hating Department; although, it's all aimed at you.

Comb your hair, take a bath, find some water in which to do so. Take a bar of soap to a river if they've shut your water off; it works on the "Home" turf of Africa. In India, they take baths where bodies have been floating; can't be much worse than that. This IS America after all! It's not that nasty yet.

Stop hanging out with wayward friends; they're not your friends anyway. They're your accomplices in crime; mean you NO GOOD whatsoever. Whatever happened to COMMON SENSE?? That seems to have disappeared completely everywhere.

When you're gone, maybe a woman can push her baby in the carriage without ending up with a bullet in her brain. You've all beyond toxic living in the cities of the Greatest Country of the White Man's fucking Mind. It's damn sure not working for YOU and never has. How much worse are you going to become??? Everywhere YOU go, there YOU are and right now YOU'RE NO FUCKING JOKE. You should feel SHAME, if only you were capable; if ONLY YOU were CAPABLE.

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