Reply to "Madonna Drops The N-Bomb On Instagram, Apologizes"

I understand the slavery and White people slaughtering and degrading African Americans and other Black Africans association with the N-word.




But N-word literally means Black, which is why for hundreds of years, Black Africans in the Americas were called Nigger because the Portuguese and the Spanish that came to America called us that of the variation of the word Niger because Spanish and Portuguese are variations of Latin. They used to call Black non-Muslims Africans Ethiopians. And Black Muslims Moors.


Nigger comes from the Latin word Niger. There is a country called Niger.


So if we call ourselves Black people predominantly and other people call us Black people, the association that comes with the word Nigger seems to be the only reason why we are no longer called Nigger.


We went from Nigger, Colored, Negro, Black. And we turned NIgger, Colored and Negro into pejoratives.


We always had a color term. Just like Europeans people have been called White people for hundreds of years.


Maybe we should simply get rid of all color terms. We should really think about what we call ourselves because today if us African Americans are gonna get offended over:






When they all mean the same thing, maybe we shouldn't call ourselves Black either.


Because we been calling ourselves and been called variations of Black since we got to the USA. I can't stand color terms because it reduces into a color.


Which is why I really have no problem with the N-word. I can't get mad over being called Black just in a different way, when I am called Black everyday.


I refuse to make the N-word bigger than it really is, and I do not prefer being called a Nigga by some White person because Nigga has become a term of endearment for people of color all over the world, predominantly Africans and I don't like Europeans like that. And it is kind of like saying Dude or Bro these days. Don't like being called a Nigger either because people try to use it as an insult and to be disrespectful.


Madonna being an European and having African children in her custody, should be the last person using the N-word because it implies something about her.

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