Reply to "Low-Wage Nation: Poverty and Inequality Are Threatening Our Democracy"

Brother Muhummad Cipher wrote: 

Laziness and "living within your means" are two of the myths that have been repeatedly debunked yet continue to be a major part of commentary no matter where this subject comes up.


No myths my brotha.  This is where you are in view incorrect.


The idea of living within your means is very attractive to those who stress the need for self responsibility and accountability. The problem is that social economic conditions are just that---social.


Yes I agree that it is social.  But young people don’t know or understand what living within “your means” defines.  They think that they can continue "socially" spending out of control and expect their parents to come to their rescue. Maybe I should break it down this way:  And I’m speaking from my neck of the woods where jobs are very scarce and homelessness is increasing with a younger population of folks I call newbies.  Thus causing it to be  more adult children moving back home to live with their parents than ever before.  No?  And here is where the laziness comes in.  Instead of these return nesters taking a job that is not as “attractive” to meet the "mean" necessary at the time to survive or lemme break it this down even more….meet the basic needs or necessities of daily living where they can SAVE money to move out….many will NOT take those jobs cuz citing “it is beneath them” to do so.   Now it’s not beneath them to eat all the food in the house, sleep all morning and stay out late at night, making this behavior is a form of laziness not to be accountable for oneself when it is "available" to do so.  I’m just sayin.  No?  Cuz right now I’m targeting just one group of folks.  And they are not using their imagination to make money.


When we are told to 'live within our means' what is almost always ignored is the declining value of "your means".


Again…it is the definition of your “means.”  And I’m talking basics here my brotha.  Every day living stuff:  rent, food, utitlities.  Not even talking about car note, insurance, registration.  Just day to day living.    


 Living within 30K a year is much more difficult when the cost of living, healthcare, education, food, gas etc is rising.


I agree.  So you can mitigate your circumstances by riding a bike instead of driving a car if you’re traveling close to home.  Food prices continue to rise….but!  It cost more to eat out via restaurants and fast food than to cook your own meals.  As a matter of fact, it is cut in half and  is healthier…and for those who don’t know how? Learn how to cook.  So that within itself can reduce the need for emergency health care by doing things much healthier.  Feel me?  And education?  There isn’t a way to get around that but to shut off the television if you have children and teach them how to focus primarily on homework and creativity during after school hours.  This will also reduce the possibility of children repeating a grade as a result of failing a subject.  This will save money as well.  I’m just suggesting there are things that can be done to adjust to the flucunation[sp] of the economy and to improve the quality of living life. 


… while its true that many of our grandparents valued and depended on thrift, the context of their thrift was different. IF prices are falling along with wages- your struggle takes on a different dynamic. This was what happened during the Great Depression. Wages fell, but prices fell faster than wages.


Yeah but in the great depression rent wasn’t like mortgages.  Yeah it was a different time but many of those people LEARNED how to survive by weathering the storm.  It is the same in this current crisis.  Learn how to weather the storm.  Why?  Cuz you have to.  Bottom line.  No? 

Its true that education is a problem among the Black community, but not for some of the reasons many of us may think. There's this idea that manufacturing and production based jobs are "old school" and outdated, as if everything in your home, car, office or pocket doesn't get produced somewhere using those same outdated or "low skilled" jobs. That is yet another frame that deflects from the De-industrialistion of the U.S.


That’s why it is important to work with your hands and to teach children how to work with their hands.  It’s old school only cuz we’ve been doing it for a long time and have outsourced this skill to other countries.  But it is still NEEDED here.  And in my view, there really isn’t a job that’s low-skilled…cuz you can always improved that skill and take it to a higher plane.  That’s what happened in computer technology.  Each year or every 2 months, the computer gets better and better….this includes phones and other high technologies.  But it all started as a “low skill.”  No?


Even those who are educated are seeing their jobs retooled into contract based "painting by numbers". Teaching is one field where this is rampant.


True.  But that’s because the higher ups refuse to see the VALUE of education.  They got theirs…but they don’t want anyone else to have what they have.  Simple.  Dog eat dog.  Plus they don't see the value and importance of teachers.  Cuz as long as they are still getting their paychecks, they can careless abotu the teachers or the students-even though it's their job to give quality education.  However, these folks are humans and I believe in personal karma. Whatever goes around, come around.   I see it unfold everyday.  So before this country collapse as many are predicting, it is gonna be an evolution of the “best” kind moving forward.  Cuz why? For many many reasons.  But mainly cuz the unique people in this country are the most intelligent, dynamic and innovative humans on this earth and they are not finished producing and creating unprecedented accomplishments...just ain't.  No other countries can do what we have done....and are doing.  But!