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Reply to "Look How Racism in Brazil Rears Its Ugly Head for Black Woman Deemed Too Dark to Be Carnival Queen"

What gets lost in all this is the fact that slavery was not initially racial, but was made racial, in America and the West once they figured out how dominate Black/African genes were.

Another thing that is rarely, if ever, mentioned is the fact that in order for White people, [who had begun to question the morality of slavery], to participate in such a Crime Against Humanity without question, they had to villify, and demonize Black people in the minds of Whites, which would include Black women.  

Jealousy created by White men's habit and/or obsession with sleeping with Black women during slavery only added to the hatred and demonization of Black women.

Not only were White men were freely having sex with Black women, it was occurring in a sexually repressed society/era saturated with sexist patriarchal religious dogma against women in general, and women's sexuality in particular. 

So of course, all the hatred and contempt for going against these social taboos was placed on the backs of Black women, instead of where it belonged, squarely on the shoulders of White men and the Church who were responsible for it happening in the first place.  

So, there was a quagmire of jealousy, sexist religious dogma, and blaming the victim factoring in early on in the condemnation of Black women, their looks, their reputation, and most importantly, their self-esteem.






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