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I feel her passion and frustration although I think its a bit misplaced.




Why is it 'a bit misplaced'?  


Sadly its an all too common thing, and not one that's new.  Anger and frustration turned inward can become incredibly self destructive.  However, it is wrapped in a sense of satisfaction that we are "calling out" our own to do this or that.  When those two emotions are your dominating ones at play, the people do not respond....even more so young Black (alpha) males to a woman demanding he "man up". 


They can and do respond to those men who have made it out of the "trap" making such calls.......but that's VERY hard pill for some of us to confront.


The down side is the lack of response (or the response we're looking for) feeds back and increases the anger and frustration...not directed at the unjust system, but the people who are victims of the system.


I've seen many go from hardcore revolutionary to uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks because they could not handle the frustration that comes with the work of dealing with Black people and our problems.



I'm sorry but I don't agree, at least for the reasons that you are asserting.  


If people are not listening, it is because they don't want to hear, or they do not give a damn about anything or anyone other than themselves, or because it is now such a common occurrence they have already been thoroughly desensitized.  


Emotions SHOULD dominate when our children are being stalked and murdered, and are being systematically murdered for no other reason than because they are Black and their murderer is a god damn racist.


Emotions like hers SHOULD dominate when our children and youth are being murdered by cops and racist hatemongers out "coon" hunting.


Emotions like hers SHOULD dominate when our children are being picked up by the police and they are claiming that there is no 'record' or their being in the jail/detention center/prison.  


Our Emotions SHOULD dominate when it is very likely that many of our children are being murdered so that their organs can be sold on the Black market.  


We should be emotionally enraged and those emotions should dominate when we know that we live under a police state merely for being Black in America and to be used as the "product" for America's For-Profit Prison Industrial Complex.  


Black men should be called out for remaining predominately silent, or for being perpetrators themselves, or for being the indirect or direct cause of the majority of the destruction of the Black community.


Black men should be called out when Black women are grow weary of carrying the Black race, the Black cause, the Black fight, the Black community and the Black family virtually on their backs for decades, for centuries in this racist country.  


Black lawyers, Black politicians, Black civil rights 'leaders', Black clergy, Black "rappers", Black elite and Black people with power/clout should also be called out.