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Reply to "Libya Sentences Pan-African Educator to Death by Firing Squad"

Originally Posted by GoodMan:

Obama is scum.


Even though Gaddafi was an Arab, at least he didn't have Libya a freaking mess...


But you know, White liberals and dumbass leftists were talking about the "Arab Spring" and Obama with his CIA cronies found a perfect opportunity to get rid of people they don't like.


The contradictions of American liberals and leftists fucking kill me. 


Support the Arab Spring and at the same time support Palestine...


But Gov't supported the Arab Spring and at the same time support Israel...


But nah, nobody sees anything wrong with this

My summary understanding of this on a US and global level is . . .


Factual. That is is how things are.

If someone is running for office, that makes them  . . . 

automatically disqualified.

People have too much ego to cooperate on a large scale.

That's why I like to work in a very small group to get something done.