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Reply to "Liberal = Black?"

Originally posted by MBM:
I contend that the conservative values that you articulate are really not conservative - or liberal. They are human. We all want better lives. Stronger families, better education, and better jobs, naturally, are at the core of that. It is in the strategies we adopt to achieve those objectives that our political ideologies shine forth.

This we can agree on my friend.

It then appears that we are debating over METHODOLOGY rather than END POINTS.

Which again comes back to my concept of EFFECTIVENESS.

If we both agree on the END POINT but the people who have power in the Black community promote a METHODOLOGY to get to this common end point and effectively shut out those, such as me, who are CRITICAL of their methodology IS THE BLACK COMMUNITY NOT BETTER SERVED BY HAVING SOME OBJECTIVE MEASURE OF THE SUCCESS OF THIS PARTICULAR METHOLOGY, discarding it if and when it is found to not be effective?

In my LONG DEBATES WITH Kevin - he points to the glories of Affirmative Action and how THIS PROGRAM has allowed the number of Black students to double during it's hey day. I say "GREAT!!!", but we have a problem my friend. The current AA rate is STILL TOO LOW when you consider the entire population of Black High School students and if they go to college or not. I then DARE TO SAY that a more EFFECTIVE AND COMPREHENSIVE strategy to develop MORE BLACK COLLEGE STUDENTS is through radical reform of our middle schools and high schools. By raising the ABSOLUTE educational attainment and proficiency of all Black students - you will have more Black students obtaining college admissions applications. Even those who choose not to go to college will be in possession of greater skills. This is a better scenario any way you look at it. IT IS HEAVIER LOAD TO LIFT THOUGH and will require much more cordination than we ever experienced before.

Where as the Civil Rights Movement was seeking a NEEDED CHANGE in our government, this movement will turn the focus internally and will seek a positive change from within using resources within. Those who are best at negative confrontation lack the proper vision and management skills to lead this effort. They need to be pushed aside.