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Reply to "Liberal = Black?"

So to you, the black family was pristine prior to Johnson? Johnson destroyed the black family? Ever heard of slavery? You know they bought and sold us like cattle then?

If you read the report by Moynihan you will note that he was alarmed at a 25% rate of unwed Black mothers. WE NOW HAVE MORE THAN 70%. Does this ring a wake up bell for you?

Which set of Black folks had a greater claim to SLAVERY? The folks back in the 1920's WHEN THERE WERE ACTUALLY PEOPLE HOW HAD BEEN SLAVES still alive back then yet their families were intact OR YOU LIVING TODAY?

I cannot accept the "Slavery Excuse" for you to predict that a Black child born today, a Black child born 30 years from now a Black child born 60 years from now and a Black child born 90 years from now will be negatively impacted from SLAVERY.

This points to the FAILURE of the METHODS OF TRANSFORMATION that need to be in place in our community!
If you can make this prediction now yet YOU and others do nothing to remove yourself from this "kryptonite" who's radiation is killing you and WILL KILL THESE CHILDREN 90 YEARS FROM NOW then you can be charged with abdicating your responsibilies to make a world that is safer for them.

INSTEAD some of us seek to change the basic properties of this KRYPTONITE, hoping that one day it will change it's basic function and won't harm us so at this kryptonite seeks to perpetuate itself as well.

As an American consumer we enjoy the green light that this kryptonite puts out, allowing us to see at night and to comfort us with it's warmth during a period of cold. To depart from it's immediate presence would me that we would have to build our own lights and our own heaters! It would mean that much of our political infrastructure that is currently fine tuned to change the behavior of the kryptonite would have to be transitioned over to SUPPORTING THE NEWLY INDEPENDENT AND SELF SUFFICIENT BLACK COMMUNITY.

The goal would be to RESTORE THE STANDARD OF LIVING THAT WE HAVE DEPARTED FROM as we appease those who have a CONSUMER mentality and who have no tollerance for any degredation in our ready supply of resources despite the fact that they repudiated many of the policies that had been used to obtain these goods from around the world.

This is the challenge MBM. It is far more complex than the loyalies between LEFT AND RIGHT, Liberal and Conservaties that is often spoke of.

I dare to challenge the STATUS QUO and to go against the grain of the gravitational pull that is present within the Black community - providing guidance on how a BLACK MAN IN GOOD STANDING SHOULD THINK. Impress me with EFFECTIVENESS AT TRANSFORMATION, not by showing me HOW MANY BLACK PEOPLE THINK THE WAY THAT YOU DO AND THUS THEY MUST BE RIGHT.