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Reply to "Liberal = Black?"

So - are you apologizing for conservative racism , classism, and oppression? Really? You're OK with being a conservative now while admitting that conservatives have been against the advancement of anyone other than themselves?

Conservatism is a self-centered, arrogant, fear driven ideology. It's so easy to cheat and steal your way into the lead, and then cry "conservatism" to try to retain your ill-begotten lead.

How do you rationalize and justify your support of this ideology? Beyond that, how can you, with any seriousness, expect African Americans to get behind this ideology? ek

Careful - tricky one.

Do you believe that the Harvard or Princeton White Liberals are free from Classism, Racism and Elitism?

I still maintain that the term "Black Conservative" means nothing outside of a specific context.

Conservatism is a self-centered, arrogant, fear driven ideology.

Really? How do you come to this conclusion?

Do you believe that T.O. with the Philadelphia Eagles is "self-centered" and thus a conservative? You make no sense man.

"Arrogant"? Do you think that the many Liberal Actors in Holliwood express no "arrogance" about them? What about the Players who walk our streets? They all must be conservatives, right?

What did you hear on the stage in Atlanta a few weeks ago but FEAR MONGERING, MBM?
Warning "Your VOTE is going to be stolen". "Your rights to freedom are going to be taken away".
How is it that you say that these negative attributes are some exclusive provience of "conservatism"?

Black people in America have had problems with RACISTS - NOT JUST "CONSERVATIVES".
As I told Noah - the study that looked at the "turning point" for Whites to depart a community did not say WHITE CONSERVATIVES. It said WHITE FOLKS!!!!

You seem to live in Atlanta - take a visit to the BuckHead villiage tonight and see how the presence of MORE BLACK FOLKS causes all of the YOUNG WITH LIBERALS to depart for greener pastures.

I am not sure if you are willing to fight RACISM beyond your ideological cubby hole.

Any "conservative" values that I have show themselves in my beliefs that:

1) Solid Black families need to be promoted as the IDEAL framework - which does not mean that we bash those who don't live in this situation but at the same time when the percentages are out of wack as they are today we don't PRETEND that there is no problem.

2) Education is the fundemental means toward CONSCIOUSNESS in the community but we are not going to change our educational situation without TAKING LOCAL CONTROL OF OUR SCHOOLS to achieve some directed outcome

3) Local economic development will provide the life blood for the Black accommunity to acheive these other two elements and we need to consider our own economic decisions and not just focus on what the White House is doing in this realm even through certaining national politics are important. We need to improve our ABSOLUTE position economically by having some clear, internal elements to build upon. This growth will show up in the RELATIVE measure that we often react to when compared to other races.

In that sense MBM - I am NOT a "Black Conservative". I am a CULTURAL STRATEGIST.

I am not "protecting the current power structure" but I am not attempting to destory the framework either - a frame work that we all live within just not at the rungs that we wish to.

The Asian markets that I keep referring to make use of American roads and fuel that is refined in America to transport the goods to this market. While they may be independent in the sense that they are not Wal-Mart or Safeway or Kroger - they are still "inter-dependent on America".

I get frustrated by people, in their rhetoric, renounce America with their mouths but are hearty consumers according to their bank statements.