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Reply to "Liberal = Black?"

If you are not intelligent enough to see the common denominator, then let me state it for you.... ITS WHITE FOLKS

Is it "White folks" or the Black folks who can't have an ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING WITHOUT A CENTRAL FOCUS ON WHITE FOLKS and PHAROH?

I just don't understand you Noah. I make it a point to sample all types of political perspectives and various social forums.

Without fail most Black forums will have "DE WHITE MAN" as the guest of honor even though there is no White folks in the audience. He will be the main subject. The names of "Condi, Clarence and Connerly" are sure to come up as well.

I come as an analyist and a critic, seeking answers but NOT willing to "Get in where I fit in". It is shameful in my view how weak and transparent some of the so called "Black leaders" who get up on stage and talk to the masses are. Their tactics are tired and in need of reform.

Your entire "Liberal = Black" concept does not hold water. There is an ABUNDANCE of White that are died in the wool LIBERALS.

You throw out PERCENTAGES but don't acknowledge that, for example 40% of White folks in America is still larger than 90% of Black folks when represented in real numbers.

The only hope for TRANSFORMATION for Black people is to shift from a model of "Unity" to one of "EFFECTIVENESS". The down side of "Unity" is that it is threatened by those who challenge the platform and seek A CORRECTED COURSE BASED ON THE OUTCOME that they can use as evidence of current failure".

Forced "Unity" is no different than what Al Sharpton and others opposed when they were asked to "wrap themselves in the Flag" after 9/11 and be patriotic, not asking too many questions. Amazingly enough - they have learned well from their oppressors as THIS IS THE VERY MODE THAT THEY OPERATE IN WITH RESPECT TO INTERNAL DESENTION WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

The perspective of the Black person - Liberal or Conservative will ALWAYS be different than that of the White of the same ideology. Even if a Black man lays down each night with a White woman they will have a different view of the world and the world them.

In my personal view "Black consciousness" has been HI-JACKED BY "Black Democrats in Civil Rights Leaders Cothing".