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Reply to "Liberal = Black?"


I love the broad and over-reaching claims that you make that are so full of holes.

I posted a while back the study of "Neighorhood TURNING POINTS". This is the point at which Whites begin to move out of a community when a certain percentage of non-White begin to move in. The last study put this number at 42%.

I would have you note that they didn't say CONSERVATIVE WHITES. They said ALL WHITES.

So this means liberals like Ted Kennedy, the A+ Senator on the NAACP Legislative Report Card to Hillary Clinton who lives in a big house in an all White community in New York. (Chapiqua, NY).

So many of you are so crisp and clean in your attacks against White conservaties and the Republican Party.

Your message is so full of holes as you can't bring yourselves to see that White Liberals ain't going to hug you when your Black behind comes home as a date for their daughter.

Most of their programs are mere crubs that is just enough to keep you from rioting and to secure your LOYAL VOTE but CERTAINLY not enough for you to be made whole.

In my view it is going to take the Reparations Movement to demand that each member of congress to go on record with their VIEWS for you all to see the truth about your beloved White Liberal Democrats.