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Reply to "Let's do some detective work - Walter Williams"

I'm not willing to concede federal or state power.--- Nmaginate

You don't have a choice. With power, you either take it or succumb to it.

Seriously... what's the purpose of your statement. If I say I won't concede power then that means I will not succumb to it. So, in effect, the "choice" I make is clear. In others words, [my statement means] I refuse to succumb to someone else's power...

Axioms and cliches' are nice. But you should at least know how to apply them and when and where they apply.

What you had to say, as illustrated, was inapplicable to what I said or rather it was merely stating the obvious or more precisely stating what is already understood if not implicit in my very statement. You may have been better off addressing that to Kweli... It's clear that if anyone is making a "choice" of one or the other it's Kweli, not me. So, again, what's your point in addressing me?

Given that your point is valid, I accept as a point well taken but I will still ask you to understand what you are responding first to make sure your statement is as applicable as you seem to suggest.

What's odd is that if anything my point is more in agreement with yours as it relates to States rights... so I'm still trying to figure out your point. Perhaps if you would have said "WE" don't have a "choice" your point would resonate and be applicable...