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Reply to "Let's do some detective work - Walter Williams"

Many of our problems are limitations we put on ourselves.

As much as we hate to hear it, we are indeed our own worst enemy. If we aren't, the person who is looks an awfully lot like us.
I'm tired of this idiotic refrain.

White people in this country, politically, have always been split near 50/50 for the longest but no one suggest because of their partisan bickering that "They Are Their Own Worst Enemy"... That alone shows that they have had perpetual "divisions" but again those divisions aren't seen as them self-inflicting their own demise.

As much as you hate to hear it. What you say is relative BS! It is based on some false pretense for what you believe Black people should be about and some serious ignoring of the actual conditions that influence the matter.

Again, check the voting trends... We are, at least in presdential election years (I believe), mere percentage points behind Whites in voter turn-out and the trend shows our numbers rising while everybody else's are falling! And the Hispanic vote is anemic compared to ours!

Apparently you believe in some type of osmosis or think that Black people should be monolithic or something in order for us not to "be our own worst enemies"!

That's like most of your statements! Shallow, Superficial, and without substance that demonstrate your contention and devoid of the qualifying reality!

Again, I guess we are suppose to be monolithic. I guess that the crisis that engulfs a lot of our communities are suppose to stop for that one magical moment for us to act in monolithic unisome.

My point is you need to analyze your expectation, acknowledge what it actually is and if it's realistic in the way that you conceive it. But I have come to know that you will not think beyond the shallow and answer/address the harder, deeper questions of WHY?

Why are we our own worst enemies?

Again, it seems as if you think we are suppose to be monolithic. It seems as if we all are somehow organically suppose to be educated enough to understand things as you presume.

The issues you presented before DO NOT RISE to the level of us being "our own worst enemies". They reflect issues you have. Issues you have with grasping reality... So, I guess you could imagine, in your imaginary world, that we are every bit of "our own worst enemies"... But that again is devoid of reality. So what does that say about your contention?