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"I don't know why Black people in America can't get it through their heads that even if they did not use an actual rope, and literally hang the Black person from a tree, brutalizing, torturing, terrorizing and murdering Black people out of racism is still a LYNCHING."


Exaclty! That’s why more than 90% of all homicides, physical assaults, robberies and rapes that are committed against black people -are committed by other black people. So, let’s look at the math: If I have a 9 in 10 chance of being murdered, assaulted, robbed or raped by another black person, I’m not going to worry about that. Oh noooooo! That makes no sense. I’m going to worry about the less than 10% of non-blacks who will commit such crimes. Forget the 90 plus percentage. They is black like dat don't count! I’m going to holler, wail, rant, screech and scream “the sky is falling” for the less than 1 in 10 chances. Hummmmm….makes perfect sense…true dat…true dat! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The Negative Perfume of the White Prankster Type | Breaking it Down.


Theoretically speaking, let’s imagine, for one of many random examples, that we have a Euro-American Caucasian posting here who uses a noble black icon as his handle. We also all notice that this imaginary poster has an unconscious and negative perfume, akin to a skunk. If such a “type” of person posted here – and this, Heaven forbid,  is certainly not pointing to anyone by name (and that supposition could never be 

​intellectually ​“proven&rdquo, allow me to suggest that the best outcome from such a situation would be to make that person into a benevolent force.  



To do this would also require character and substance from the poster. The “white skunk man” type would need to have the courage to look waaay down the personal and ethnic well of shortcomings and unconsciousness.   It takes power for any man or woman to be able to do this, to withstand the reality of seeing many layers of faults.  Everyone has been poisoned by gone centuries of ignorant violence. Everyone! Some call it ego, sin, ignorance and pride.   


The “white skunk man” type is dishonest. He wants to think he is “civilized” (living in cities) but look at the genocidal German Nazis, the slaver and colonial deeds of the English and those of many Euro-Americans in regards to New World Indians and Africans alone. NOT ethically civilized.


The dishonesty comes in when this “white slunk man” type   pretends he is here, here, civilized not  sinful, for example, when killing 5,000,000 souls in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos or, more recently,  other people’s children in Iraq, a country once ruled by a dictator who was an enemy to al Qaeda located in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


No, not the white man! To him, the violent one is black!  They trim their shrubs and dogs and are civilized. We are not.   The problem is that it is easier for them to point to Africans than to take an intensive, honest internal audit.  Their “civilized” fantasy is guarded by “who, me?”  cowardice mixed with ancient ignorance, a/k/a arrogance.  


As regards the remarkable”white skunk man” type, man can anyone imagine going to a Latino site and equivalently posting like a nasty brat there “Ha! Ha! Ha! Whatever you think bla bla Latinos bla bla”. Why the hell would anyone do that unless they were suffering from inner worth issues?   Either you want to resolve your shit or indulge it. Real deal apples to all.


Back to the exercise, like, if a hypothetical “white skunk man” type posting here had a little conscience and a good helping of awareness (is it possible?), he could man way up and give himself a good talking to on the way to greater manhood. Otherwise, there could be no reconciliation. This is up to the capacity or incapacity of the particular prideful type under discussion, the said unreal and weird,  “white skunk man“ type and could be some others.


Racism’s mother is ignorance. That’s why it’s hard to get through to radio station D-U-M-B (how possible is it?).


A thorn is not a rose. A skunk’s stripe tells it all. Maybe Maya Angelou was right, “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”


Ha!!! Ha!! Ha! HA!!  HA!!!