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Reply to "Leaders or Followers?"


Is the problem in African America that we need more/different leaders, or do we really need more followers? There seem to be plenty of people who would put themselves forward as leaders - from political leaders, to religous leaders, to traditional civil rights leaders. Is the problem that we don't have "the leader", or that black folks just need to pick a path and wholeheartedly support it? If someone did emerge now as our "messiah", as in times of old, would we also just "crucify him/her?

I believe that the black community has witnessed the end of a very long era which was dominated by a "leader/follower" model. In this modern age of super information it is practically impossible for any person to withstand the scrutiny which comes with leadership. If there is any dirt on you, even if it is buried deep in the recesses of a hidden closet, it will come out to destroy any leader raised to the position of "Black Messiah".

I do not think that we are lacking quantity, or quality in leadership or followers. I think that we must adapt to a new landscape which presents our community with new challenges. Our approach must match the course.

Instead of following people, we should create a vision, and then commission the great minds in our community to create a road map toward the objective. However, even before this we must successfully make the argument that unity is a necessity for survival. People must understand that without unity we will perish. Once this message is received, then, I believe we can move forward with implementing a plan.

Unfortunately, we have adopted an every man for himself attitude. this is the monster we must subdue, and silence forever.