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Reply to "Larry Elder: Black anti-semitism"

Is there any validity to what Elder is saying?? Is there a problem in the black community of anti-semitism.---Sweetwuzzy

I was going to respond to the 'fact list' in Elder's article, but that's old stuff.

This is really the question.

Yes. There has always been in the 'black' community with anti-Jewishness.

The problem is:

Jews feed on us when it is to their advantage.

Repress us when it is to their adbantage.

But mostly esploit us when it is to their advantage.


Jews, typically, 'help' us, one or more, OR a few at-a-time...AND

Typically, Jews, as a people, stand mute while we get our asses kicked.


There is no malice in this.

It's simply a fact.

One has to ALWAYS add a disclaimer.


Jim Chester