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Reply to "Kwanzaa Took A Hit 3 Years Ago..."

Ditto-Fagunwa on 'ibi'

The true African mores/customs of respect are seriously mia --in some aspects-- at this site.

Those supposedly filled with 'fire' could stand to learn from a person like you.

Thank you for being here...


On Michael King--The 'dream' is an illusive nightmare and the stone has 'finally' been posthumously lain on 'the civil rights' movement with the death of Rosa Park. I've addressed their ties to "the Highlander Folk Group" at this site.
"King was far from a saintly man," notes one biographer, and on this any objective observer must agree. However, the case for honoring King with a national holiday never rested on "sainthood" or anything of the kind, but rather on his tireless work and indisputable accomplishments as an advocate of equal rights for all Americans, for which he is rightly remembered and esteemed, and always will be." -- I agree

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr argued the point of developing a 'plan' -- He was right then and his point 'still' holds water!

I Am,
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