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Reply to "Kola Boof Speaks: Race & Beauty In America"


First of all...just like "race"--"beauty" is a social construct.

But COLOR is not a social construct.

Therefore, before you can understand "beauty" must understand "status" and the fact that STATUS...overrules beauty.

White and other races of Light Skinned Straight Haired women are well aware of these dynamics....and overwhelmingly support them....because this allows the low self-esteem in White and other races of Light Skinned women to be assauged and placated by the self-hatred of Black and other Dark races of men. It also gives these women a Surplus of available men, and because MARRIAGE and HAVING A MAN is the highest "STATUS" for a woman-----these women trade in their color status to attain the status of marriage/having a man. In general, White and other races of Light Skinned women do not care, truly, about black people---and especially don't care about black women---and delude themselves into noble, romanticized ideals of "true love", "the evil non-worthy black woman with attitude" and "opposites attracting". In other words, they support and protect the White Supremacist Beauty Aesthetic.....because it benefits and favors them.

Sister Kola speaks volumes in her discussion about race and beauty in America. Her thorough discussion about the ways in which the White supremacist concept of whiteness has impacted people globally is reminiscent of the research done by Neely Fuller and Dr. Francis Welsing. I'm certain her analysis has been heavily influenced by Dr. Fuller's United Independent Compensatory Code. Thanks for sharing. Loved it!

What is Beauty?

Within a world dominated by White Supremacy it is vitally important for the white supremacists to spoon feed the "definition" of beauty to all people who live within the system of white supremacy. Whatever your "natural" inclination is for beauty, the white supremacy culture must interrupt that tendency to control what you see as beauty. In this way, your desire to "protect and preserve" beauty is diminished leaving no protection for those things that are natural and beautiful. It has been said "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder". This statement, if it is true has great significance for a world polluted by white supremacy. All person who desire natural beauty must be willing and capable of protecting that beauty, otherwise, what is the use of "Living"? Killing, murder, pollution, hatred, mistreatment, deception, are all examples of ugliness. What are your examples of beauty, and how far are you willing to go to protect that beauty?
-Dr. Francis Cress Welsing

"We now are in the 21st century. Recently, there has been an unraveling and an analysis of the core issue of the first global power system of mass oppression-- the power system of racism (white supremacy). Once the collective victim (non-white population) understands this fundamental issue, the ultimate organizing of all of the appropriate behaviors necessary to neutralize the great injustice of the white supremacy power system will only be a matter of time. The length of time required to neutralize global white supremacy will be inversely proportional to 1) the level of understanding of the phenomenon; plus 2) the evolution of self- and group-respect, the will, determination and discipline to practice the appropriate counter-racist behaviors--on the part of the non-white victims of white supremacy."
-Dr. Francis Cress Welsing

Fuller breaks down his idea of there being 3 basic types of people in the known universe, that being white people, non-whites and white supremacists/racists. In his explanation, white people are "people who classify themselves as 'white' and have been classified as 'white', accepted as 'white'... and who generally function as 'white' in all of the nine major areas of activity." He defined non-whites as "people who have been classified as 'non-white', and/or who generally function as 'non-white' in their relationship with each other..." Last, white supremacists/ racists are "people who classify themselves as 'white', and who generally function as 'white', and who practice racial subjugation (based on 'white'-'non-white', at any time, in any place, in any one, or more of the nine major areas of activity."

The 9 Areas of People Activity are (1)Economics, (2)Education, (3)Entertainment, (4)Labor, (5)Law, (6)Politics, (7)Religion, (8)Sex and (9)War

Dr. Neely Fuller


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