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Reply to "King Kong, The Movie"

I went to see it last night - it's a long film!!
OK, here are my scattered thoughts...

Overall as an action adventure film, it had some good moments.
Naomi and her crewmates certainly had to battle more than a giant gorilla on Skull Island! Naomi, Jack Black and Kong were good actors, however I do have some serious misgivings. And a lot of these could have been dealt with.

The portrayal of the indigenous people on the island could have been handled a lot differently.
I see no reason why they were made to look so overly agressive and ugly.
I was really suprised by this as it was totally unneccessary and I thought Peter Jackson could have treated this a lot differently and more intelligently. td6

Rather than allude to them being in some kind of voudun trance (?) they could have been shown more compassionately, heck, they'd been living in constant fear of giant animals - and perhaps show the concept of making a sacrifice out of fear rather than seeming to enjoy it??

And why were there human sacrifices to Kong if he is a vegetarian gorilla? Voudun?

Also, I wondered about the one black crew member's lack of hesitation in firing on the local black inhabitants? OK, their lives were under threat, but...

I believe Peter Jackons steered away from depicting Kong and Naomi in an eroticised way, and successfully showed a friendship and 'connection' between animal and human.
Although some could point to Kong's lack of any 'family jewels' as further evidence of Kong's emasculation. OR censorship, take your pick.
However, I thought Kong was shown as an intelligent being with a soul. I didn't find evidence of fear or hate of Kong (as an analogy of a black man), more the opposite.

I found the inevitable carnival > rampage > gorilla vs. human battle underlining how some humans will stop at nothing for a fast buck and Kong's inevitable fate made most people cringe at how stupid and destructive humans can be.


I'd be interested to hear some male comments about this film.

There were good moments of adventure in the rest of the film, but >>>>>>SPOILER<<<<<<< the last line really pissed me off. Effort had been made to establish the friendship/connection between Kong and Naomi... then the concept of their friendship was totally undone by the last line spoken by Jack Black. Grrrr..... If ONLY he had used the word friendship or compassion instead of 'beauty'. Because yes, Fine, that bit of dialog did seem to underline the concept [if subliminally) of beauty as being white. And that was totally unneccessary, inaccurate, and totally disappointing.