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Reply to "Kentucky High School’s Racist Hair Policy That Bans ‘Dreadlocks, Cornrolls, and Twists’ Sparks Controversy"

Sista Sunnubian wrote:  

Yeah, but a lot of those were wigs made from their hair after shaving it all all.

True.  The wigs were made from their hair.  I'm not disputing that.  

 And, of course I'm not saying that ALL Africans or even EVERYONE in Kemet, shaved their heads, but, there were African cultures, some in Kemet, being one that viewed hair as being essentially unclean. 

I have never  heard such a thing.  Egyptians were very clean and precise people.  They were the ones to invent soap, perfumes...other essentials for personal hygiene.  During my research, I have NEVER heard a thang about Egyptian's hair being deemed unclean.  I have however heard of Europeans, Asians, Jews, Arabs' hair not only being unclean, but filthy, oily and smelly.  And because some of the latter excluding the Europeans were deemed desert nomadic people it is easy to understand that they did not have accessibility to water all the time,  And Europeans whose pagan belief forbids them to wash was a widely known fact that they did not believe in washing their bodies or hair.

Now I do understand that Egyptians lived in the desert too and probably experience seasonal pests like sand fleas, flies. ticks and dealt with it like we do with seasonal pests like fleas, flies and in some schools with children head lice, but we are talking about an advanced civilization with genius scientists who created natural essentials for the skin like cosmetics, scents, soaps, sugaring, natural exponents, oils...surely if they were capable of doing that and more? They would have had the ability to create something for the hair...especially when it was so hot.  Now Egyptian priests did shave hair from their entire body-but that was done for spiritual reasons..cuz although some white anthropologists have said this ritual was because of body lice....lice itself derived from Europe, Australia and North America.  So saying that the Egyptians shaved their heads because of lice?  I'm having trouble believing it and if so...they got it with from the direct contact with Europeans i.e. Romans.  Cuz Egyptians-the whole culture?  Was CLEAN people.  Having said that, I'm not debating whether the Egyptians shaved their heads or not...I'm debating they did it because their  hair was deemed unclean and as a result they shaved their heads.  That's what I'm debating.  This whole thing reminds me too much of massa's myth about African slaves.  Who were infested with headlice from those nasty ass pirates and slavers.    

And I really would like to know what tribe or culture in Egypt or Sudan, Nubia whose hair was deemed  unclean.  Plus Egyptians spent many years building lavish bath houses and irrigation systems to ensure the ongoing site of water.  And their hair is different from that of Asians, Arabs and Europeans.  I have a book called 500 Years Without a Comb and no where in that book does it mention that Egyptians/Nubians/Kemetiens including Africans from slave coasts kept their hair unclean.  Even in death, Egyptians were particular about their organs and body much so that they created vessels for each organ and a specialized tomb to encase the body.  So to me?  And I'm only speaking for myself.  This is absurd to say the least.  And I would love to see any documentation on this fact to indicate that Egyptians [with no outside contact] in the highest and lowest point of their existence kept unclean hair.  This is something I'm having a hard time believing.  However if there's sound evidence to say it...then I would have to consider it.  Thus far?  It sound like a massa myth. Cuz Egyptians were PROUD people....and unclean hair?  That would've been a no-brainer to eradicate.  But!

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