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Reply to "Kenosha cops claim Jacob Blake was holding knife, contradicting AG"

There's white justice and black just us. Jacob Blake was not holding a knife. He leaned into the car and the cop standing behind him let 7 bullets fly into his body. We all saw this. 

We're going to learn NOT TO CALL WHITE COPS for anything unless you're dying to die. They're going to kill you and get placed on ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE. What the fuck is that?? Any BLACK COPS ever placed on ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE??

They'll throw your ass into a cage and make your butt some freaks' vagina. You'll never be able to hold a woman again and if you ever get free you'll look like that dude that's wearing skirts (whatever the fuck his name is). He's in entertainment. Always walking the red Carpet. The freakier a black man is, the more white people love him. That should make you go !!! (Billy Porter.}

We have an Orange Balloon with Owl Eyes who loves to grab pussies. He's still "president." God only knows what else he's grabbed.

The people in this country are beyond SICK!!!!! My Mail Out/In Ballot's sitting on my table. It might be there until March of next year. I'm not feeling anyone this year. I like Biden but he's getting wrinkled by the minute. The presidency aged handsome Barack, but he's still handsome. That's not going to happen to Biden. Trump's the Ku Klux Klan with a Hitler Touch; none of these people think highly of The Mighty Shades of Brown. They make promises; get into office and forget all about the promises. I'm about to say "Fuck You Too!!!!!" Are the babies still in cages/concentration camps??

I think our best bet is to get as far away from WHITE as we can. Unless you want to die!!!!

These EUROPEAN "AMERICANS" have some very loose screws everywhere!! If Amerigo Vespucci was alive, he'd kill them all; using his name like that!! An Italian Explorer, no less. They should have just named themselves the EUROPEAN CAVE PEOPLE. I wonder how the bats tasted!!

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