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Reply to "Kelis Files for Divorce From Nas. . even though she's 7 mos pregnant"

Originally posted by ddouble:
Khalliqa is arguing that not jet-setting (via alimony payments) will cause damage to Kelis in some way. Don't buy that line of thought or that divorce mandates alimony (adult support).

No.. not me.. the court has decided (and I agree) that alimony payments, in this situation, correct the disruption and damage caused by the breaking of support in an agreed upon dependent lifestyle ... The court essentially says you can't keep someone in a certain lifestyle then abandon them arbitrarily.. and if you do you must maintain the conditions under the agreement... when children are concerned this is even more of an important point...

And alimony is not automatic you have to PROVE abandonment of the marital vows (contract) and if Kelis were the one to break the vows she would get NOTHING...

Again.. woman haters have NOTHING to say when Britney Spears or Halle Berry have to pay palimony.. only when women receive it.. smh..

Your argument is that a man can care for a woman and then decide he can mistreat her and leave her because she can find a good job later..



Is spousal support a payoff from the husband to the wife in order to get out of a marriage?

At one time, the purpose of alimony was to punish the husband for leaving his wife without a good cause. With the recent rise in no-fault divorce, this purpose of punishment became moot. As stated above, the main purpose of spousal support today is to maintain a certain standard of living for a divorced spouse who is not capable of attaining employment which would suffice in maintaining that standard living.