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Reply to "Kelis Files for Divorce From Nas. . even though she's 7 mos pregnant"

About 18 months ago (maybe a little longer), I showed you a study that found the income of black men and women intersecting (with the women's figure rising and men's decreasing). That's why I said relative parity.

In this case, I don't care if one earns multiple times what the other earns since both sets of earnings are excessive. Recording artists make the bulk of their money from touring, not record sales, so being dropped from a label doesn't mean she can't make money. Child support is tax free for the custodial parent. That's why I said the child should get the 30K/month, or even the whole 40K. ~$500,000 every year tax free can buy you a 8-10,000 sq. ft home, a luxury car, private school, insurance, utilities, groceries, vacations, money to invest, etc. This would put the custodial parent and child in better circumstances than 90+ percent of the world's population. Even if her career is dead, Khalliqa is arguing that not jet-setting (via alimony payments) will cause damage to Kelis in some way. Don't buy that line of thought or that divorce mandates alimony (adult support).

I'm not touching all the cultural notions (head of family, etc) you are putting in because that becomes a completely different discussion along the lines of:

Why do family courts make it so difficult for men to become custodial parents?

Why do family courts refuse to make custodial parents account for their use of child support?

Why do states promote introducing non-custodial parents (primarily men) into the legal system by allowing excessive support hearings to be filed?

Is family court meant to resolve the issues between adults that lead to the divorce?

Do today's men and women believe in and follow historical cultural standards & practices (head of household, etc.)?