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Reply to "Justifiable Homicide: Black youth in peril, 'An Executive Decision' -Part 2 Continued"

America's all we know. Don't know if it's the best place or not. It's not Syria or Iraq. It hasn't been a piece of cake for people originally from Africa. Lots of hatred for no damn reason.

I don't like Donald Trump and would tell him to his face if I could. I think there's something wrong with his wrinkled ass. I came to the planet before him and he doesn't intimidate me. I was potty trained before he, G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton slid out their mothers' wombs.

Just another crazy, wrinkled white man with no lips and lots of company in a country he calls his own, which isn't!!!!!! There's not one iota difference between him and Kim Jong Un. It's all about who is following the bastards and all the rest of the so-called "leaders" of the world. All they care about is money and getting the rest of the world's sons and daughters to die for them in their nasty-ass wars. I watched "The Day Hitler Died" yesterday on the Smithsonian Channel. He was a damn piece of work. Bat shit crazy and had heaps of followers just like Tangerine Man. Hiel Hitler/Tangerine Man!!!!!

Who is going to get that 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy who just had surgery hooked up with her mother and father?? She's been here since age 3 months and she's an immigrant. That's some shit!! 

White America, this joint is NOT your country. You rule the sucker with an iron fist but it must be the shit you learned from the Caucasus Mountains. You're some mean mothers to the bone. Give that pretty little girl back to her parents and stop treating her like a criminal. All you Caucasoids are suffering from Trumpism Disease. 

That wall he's going to build to keep Mexicans away is ugly as hell. It's going to cost billions of dollars. I know the Natives wish they'd had the knowledge of building any damn thing to keep your monkey asses out of here. I'll bet Mexico would like to have California and Texas and the rest of the shit you've taken from them for a buck 50 back also.

I could have been at home with my titties swinging in the heat with no one giving two shits, with no shirt on , dancing with the elephants, minding my damn business, running from humongous spiders, eating grub worms, drinking cows' blood. Now look at us.

Being called "minorities, niggers, jigaboos." You assholes painting your faces black with your pale faces making lips 50 times their sizes ridiculing Africans, singing "Mammy." Your faces all wrinkled to hell with your necks swinging off your little genitalia, thinking you're the handsomest assholes on the planet, while scaring us ALL to death!!!! Our fellas lollygagging in cages, fucking each other in the butt, making gorillas say: "Would you believe that?" You shooting each other 600 at a time, killing 70 at once, killing Africans like they're bowling pins, every 20 seconds.

Attention All Black Lives Matter Folks:  No one gives a shit about Black Lives including Black people. Rename yourselves or take two seats. Take two seats anyway. Eat some ice cream, drink a milk shake.

If you're white; why don't you GO WHERE WHITES ARE?? How about New Zealand? Iceland, Alaska, Wherever the Polar Bears and Penguins exist; E.U.R.O.P.E??? We don't need anymore Caucasoid Jews; stay away from Israel!!

The world needs a serious Caucasoid BREAK!!!!! Once you're gone, we'll work on our raggedy sons' heads. We'll be finer than fine!!!

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