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Reply to "Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions"

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DennisKalita posted:

They  do it right out in the open. No discussions whatsoever in advance with black politicians or leaders. They do it without any fucking respect.  That's their calling card. It is racist. Obvious and evil.  

With Trump, we’re back in 1954. If this is war, strategically retreat, lay low on the streets, hang out in different people’s places, business indoors - during the racist administration of Damned Madness.  Go as-if underground. Make it fruitful. Make some motherfucking plans. Build up.

 IMHO, of course!     


With our Black ELECTED OFFICIALS/politicians, and Black lawyers not saying a damn thing, no matter what they hell they do, why would they have any discussions, etc., when our Black political 'leaders', etc.

There thousands of Black attorneys in America [over 33,000 as of 2000 census] and any number of them could also file a 'brief'/'Friend of the Courts Brief' challenging this attempt to dismantle Affirmative Action and put African Americans and other minority students back to the square-one disadvantage these law/rules were ment to help.  

But, they haven't, and African America should be wondering exactly WHY that is.

African Americans should be VERY concerned with the fact that our "political leaders" are conspicously silent on EVERY gravely important issue facing African America/African Americans today.

[*Notice how the threw, "but frequently Asian-Americans are as well," in there to APPEAR to not just be targeting Black people/college students/higher education. (As if racist White peopel give a damn about Asians)]

Yes, yes, yes, it's what I've been saying for years but some people are too gaddam slow and so easily impressed on bullshit. So why in the hell Hillary would ever be on our radar? 

So again, we may have another opportunity at Sanders but the Democratic Party have already starting to smear him because he is not a corporate and Wall Street ass kisser like Hillary and Obama and white people love their corporate state, they own it! 

If this country does not get a PROGRESSIVE version of Eliot Ness as President Black people are in for some bad times ahead that will span generations. 


Yeah the Democrats have sold the hell out; big time!

This guy articulates that fact to-a-'t':

Corporate Democrats Now Calling Progressives The "Alt-Left"




Kamala Harris' Tweets Designed To Trick Progressives