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Reply to "Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions"

DennisKalita posted:

They  do it right out in the open. No discussions whatsoever in advance with black politicians or leaders. They do it without any fucking respect.  That's their calling card. It is racist. Obvious and evil.  

With Trump, we’re back in 1954. If this is war, strategically retreat, lay low on the streets, hang out in different people’s places, business indoors - during the racist administration of Damned Madness.  Go as-if underground. Make it fruitful. Make some motherfucking plans. Build up.

 IMHO, of course!     

And where are the white liberals? Where is the Democratic Party? A local Republican that works on voter ID said the Democratic Party gives them almost no resistance because they are after the same voters. He said most of the resistance is from private Black lawyers not the Democratic Party. He said the Obama administration was slow and ineffective regarding voter ID. I was shocked that he said that because it is the truth. He said the Democratic Party have not been a traditional liberal party since Clinton and have done things to try to impress white voters. 

He said Obama was a challenge because he was able to get huge Black turn out and draw working class and college educated white voters and they see who is on the horizon, Kamala Harris... haha!

So the DNC is going to pull the same bullshit they did with Obama.... These people see Black people as fuel not constituents. So Kamala is going to fake left but go right just like Obama did and that means Black people don't mean shit to them except votes. We are so easily fooled and impressed by bullshit. 

With ‘Better Deal’ platform, Democrats chase white votes instead of proven coalitions

New economic plan relies heavily on populist rhetoric designed to appeal to disaffected, working-class white voters.

“They know that a certain amount of black and minority voters will come out for them regardless, so they take those votes for granted.”

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