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Reply to "Justice Dept. to investigate Ferguson police"

Originally Posted by GoodMan:



The reason why we do such things is because:


Our Middle Class and upper are cowardly and want to be White socially therefore they desire integration at all costs, even if it means death.


Our Middle Class and upper do not like non Middle Class and Up Black people, thus there is no class collaboration what so ever. 


Us ordinary folk, don't have the capital to perform such feats as I suggested, it could only be with the help of our Upper class. Thus nothing gets done.


African Americans seem to have a love and hate relationship with European Americans, due to our integration upbringing and integration being the dominant political ideology of African American politics, thus like I said, nothing gets done.


Also, ultimately, African American politics are controlled and moderated with White liberals who seek to keep African Americans subordinate to bolster their moral superiority. And African Americans are afraid of losing the support of the White liberal, so nothing gets done. 


I think it would take, European Americans having a full scale violent attack on us for us to even think about nationalism as a whole. 


But the White man is afraid of a Black messiah, he actually thought MLK would've been one if he was a nationalist instead of a liberal. They probably thought Fred Hampton was one and that's why they assassinated him.


White people, the European, no matter liberal or conservative is afraid of a populist Black nationalism. 

I sure understand how you can feel that way. But!  . . . 


My view differs. The times shape people and events. Take Malcolm X. I avidly read his inspiring biography while traveling across Algeria. I read it a few times. However, my sense is that we will not be seeing a repeat of the past in the seemingly fucked up present time.


We need to relate to now. We are in a new time. Globalism is whacking our ass and one way to fight it is to also go global. (That right there is a lot to take in!!)


Sure, we can do biz in our community, most definitely. However, the notion of working only among ourselves is, to my view, also an idea from the past. Look at the new world we present-time live in. It is virtual and global. The way to open things is to accordingly go out and relate with everyone, do business with everyone, hook up, build networks, create businesses and make $$ in the world of today.  


That is a way how to fight. The question is, who will unplug from the past and put in the difficult time to understand, conquer and accomplish this?