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Reply to "Justice Dept. to investigate Ferguson police"

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The reason why we do such things is because:


Our Middle Class and upper are cowardly and want to be White socially therefore they desire integration at all costs, even if it means death.


Our Middle Class and upper do not like non Middle Class and Up Black people, thus there is no class collaboration what so ever. 


Us ordinary folk, don't have the capital to perform such feats as I suggested, it could only be with the help of our Upper class. Thus nothing gets done.


African Americans seem to have a love and hate relationship with European Americans, due to our integration upbringing and integration being the dominant political ideology of African American politics, thus like I said, nothing gets done.


Also, ultimately, African American politics are controlled and moderated with White liberals who seek to keep African Americans subordinate to bolster their moral superiority. And African Americans are afraid of losing the support of the White liberal, so nothing gets done. 


I think it would take, European Americans having a full scale violent attack on us for us to even think about nationalism as a whole. 


But the White man is afraid of a Black messiah, he actually thought MLK would've been one if he was a nationalist instead of a liberal. They probably thought Fred Hampton was one and that's why they assassinated him.


White people, the European, no matter liberal or conservative is afraid of a populist Black nationalism. 

I sure understand how you can feel that way. But!  . . . 


My view differs. The times shape people and events. Take Malcolm X. I avidly read his inspiring biography while traveling across Algeria. I read it a few times. However, my sense is that we will not be seeing a repeat of the past in the seemingly fucked up present time.


We need to relate to now. We are in a new time. Globalism is whacking our ass and one way to fight it is to also go global. (That right there is a lot to take in!!)


Sure, we can do biz in our community, most definitely. However, the notion of working only among ourselves is, to my view, also an idea from the past. Look at the new world we present-time live in. It is virtual and global. The way to open things is to accordingly go out and relate with everyone, do business with everyone, hook up, build networks, create businesses and make $$ in the world of today.  


That is a way how to fight. The question is, who will unplug from the past and put in the difficult time to understand, conquer and accomplish this?


The world doesn't change, the idea of a changing world is Western and rooted to the idea of Progress and nothing changes and nothing gets better. 


It's the same as it was yesterday, especially for us. And the past is particularly important because it predicts future behavior and nothing is new under the sun. Everything is the past. The present and future is fleeting but the past is forever.  


This is about race and ethnicity which race and ethnicity controls what, who and how they do it.  


Globalism isn't new, Globalism started soon as the Atlantic Slave Trade started because it was a global trade of Sub-Saharan Africans by Arabs and Europeans and it reached all the way to from the New World to Asia. And the slaves and indigenous people produced products that was traded throughout the world and the Europeans controlled the labor. 


And it's the same was it was then and as it was now.


It's Europeans moving labor and capital across national lines and internationally


And if Europeans are moving labor and capital across national lines and internationally, how are you going to combat that without ethno-nationalism. You need to organize your ethnicity or race and you need to protect your land and property. That's all ethno-nationalism is about.



Europeans are the most nationalistic people you will ever meet. What do you think the UN is? What do you think NATO is? What do you think the EU is?


Europeans are nationalist and are the first open nationalists to ever exist. American Revolutionary War would have not happened without Nationalism. The French Revolutionary War would not have happened without Nationalism. Trans-Atlantic Slave trade would have not happened without Nationalism. 


When Black people reject Nationalism, I shake my head because they don't see it for what it is. There's a reason why Western Europeans stick together against everybody else. There's a reason why after WW2, the British passed the baton to the USA, it was a win win. British didn't hand the baton to India or China or France, it handed off to USA. Why? Because they are co-ethnics. 


I am not a Pan African nationalist out some of idealism, I am nationalist because it makes sense. It made sense when Garvey talked about it, it made sense when Carlos Cook talked about it, it made sense with Malcolm X talked about it, when Stokely Carmichael talked about it and when Kwame Nkrumah talked about it.


Malcolm X said a strong Africa makes a strong African people globally. Sadly Africans everywhere do not get it. 


Who controls the most labor and capital - Europeans


Who has the least control of labor and capital - Africans


How does Europeans maintain control of labor and capital - By moving it internationally


How did Globalism start - With the trade of Africans and colonization of indigenous people. 


Who benefits from Globalism - Supercapitalist Europeans. 


Who is the most organized people on the planet - Europeans


Who is the least organized people on the planet - Africans


You wanna know  how African Americans have the buying power of some European countries yet African Americans are the poorest people in the USA?


Most of our money already goes to other people.  Do you know an African American food corporation. Do you know an African American car brand? Do you even know an African American owned mega media corporation? We don't even have one and we produce a crap ton of media and consume much more. 


You know how Koreans own the Black haircare industry, they don't do business with us. Why? Because we are better of as consumers. They do business with other Asians though. 


 There is no African American economic organization. There is no African American trade organization. There is no African American economic summit. There's no African American consumer organization. There's no African American industrial city. 


There's not even an African diaspora association. So we don't even communicate with the rest of the diaspora. I gotta go read a scholarly damn book to find out what everybody else is doing.


Also there is a Pan African organization, the Organization of  African Unity, which is full of African countries and we are not a member of it, nor is any other new world country filled with people of African descent besides Haiti. Even though the organization is rather useless as of now, we still should be a part of it so we can improve upon it, but we are not. 


There are at least 80 million people of African descent in the New World. African Americans as the richest Africans in the world should have a damn field day in America and making our cousins rich by partnering with them. Then we have an economy, then we can export things to Africa and our other cousins rich. 


We should be using Miami as a port and take control of the South East USA, but no, we don't have nationalism on our brain and in our heart, so nobody thinks that way. African Americans, Haitians, Brazilians of African descent, Afro-Cubans, Jamaicans should run South Florida. 


That's what nationalism does. It takes a people and a location and build. You identify your people, you pick a location, you claim that location and build on it. 


But instead, Mestizo Cubans and White Cubans run Miami and South Florida. They said this is ours. So that's one strategic geographical location gone. 


There is absolutely nothing for us because we are not nationalists. We do everything individually and when crap hits the fan we have absolutely no clue what to do. Everybody else plans together, within their race/ethnic group.

Everybody else do business together with their race/ethnic group. Different races don't do business together, they do "I am a producer and you are a consumer and you gonna buy this from me or vice versa". Very few have a partnership  because nobody is dumb enough to give up their position. 


Few significant economic partnerships I can think of is USA and Japan and Russia and China, and China is really trying to get out of that deal with Russia and expand. And Japan is really trying to dump the USA because China is now relevant again and Japan will need its own military. Oh and Saudi Arabia and USA


We can talk about Asians being nationalists too. There is the ASEAN, the Association of South East Asian Nations, a diplomatic economic and political think tank and they coordinate the entire South East Asia together. 


We can talk about OPEC, a bunch of Arab nations controlling oil. 


Africans need to wake up, everybody is a nationalist, they just don't tell you to your face and they are not going to. They aren't gonna say


"Hey we are organized along racial and ethnic lines."


Because it's a common sense practice because race and ethnicity are the biggest commonalities a people can have. Humans work in racial/ethnic and national blocs. Humans do everything within their race and ethnicity and nationality. All activity is coordinated along those three identities. 


Go see for yourself how many active and impactful Asian and European organizations there are, compared to African Americans and just Africans in general. Go look at the status of those European and Asian countries and compare it to African countries and the diaspora. See how poor we are compared to everybody else. 


And you will notice, most of them have European or Asian in the title, which is the race and then it will have a location of some sort. Like South East Asia or Eastern Europe or whatever. 


That's nationalism on the highest level. We not even close and that's why we get our asses kicked and it's not because they work with other groups, it's because they work together with themselves and out produce us. 


And they won't help us either, because we are food, we probably have the most negative producer/consumer ratio. Nobody wants to buy anything from us, they want us to buy from them.


Can't even get a Korean to tell us where they get the hair weave from. Ask Kanye, see Kanye rants about the fashion industry, Europeans ain't gonna tell you where to get the silk fabric from to make expensive ass clothes, nor are they gonna give you the capital. Koreans and Europeans want us to keep buying from them, they don't wanna buy crap from us if they don't have to.  


We need to stop thinking somebody is gonna help us, nobody is gonna help us. We are the ones that non African Hispanics and Asians and Arabs come after because we are vulnerable. Chinese is now raping Africa.


It's very simple, nationalism or die. 

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