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Reply to "Justice Dept. to investigate Ferguson police"

The Government cannot be trusted to investigate the government, since the Government works for the Government. The government serves the government. Any government's sole function is to make sure the business of the country is taken care of. The government is not to serve the people. That's just a catchphrase idealists like to use. 


These investigations never amount to anything anyway. They investigated Trayvon's case andddd nothing happened. I don't even remember the fucking findings being mentioned. 


Just another cycle of insanity by African Americans and the Government. A brother or sister gets killed or whatever, we get mad, we demand an investigation, we get an investigation, and....blank.


Only Africans can be trusted to protect Africans, if we are seriously gonna believe the American government is gonna police itself than we are doomed. 


A solution is a thoroughly, non government, independent, all African American investigative non-profit organization that sole function is to police the police.

The organization should include sociologists, lawyers, politicians, law enforcement, and community leaders. And they will answer to us. 

That also means no got damn corporate support. 


Also we can have our own mock court and charge somebody our got damnselves with the American law and then we take it to civil court with our own findings. 


We don't need Europeans to do a got damn thing for us. 


Anything less than that is a band aid and ultimately doomed to fail because we don't control it. We have no power.


You don't give your enemy control over your life. Giving the American government control over anything concerning African life ends up backfiring. Wake up, American Government is not, will never be interested in defending African life. 


And honestly the problem isn't even a law and order thing, it's an European and African thing. It's bigger than Government. 


It's genocide and that's just how Europeans are, we got hundreds of years of evidence this is just how they behave. We don't need to take another 100 years of this crap. 




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