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Reply to "Just in! Mass Shooting in Cali"

99.9% of these terrorist have went on a "trip" to some middle-eastern country or their home country and come back hell-bent on murdering Westerners or Americans.  

It all sounds like straight brain-washing or hypnosis, to me.  

Evidently they go to some country in the middle-east or to their home country, and someone is waiting there to thoroughly brainwash or hyptnotise them, afterwhich, they are sent right back to America or Europe to set-off any number of terrorist attacks.  

When America/the West finds out just who is doing the brainwashing and/or hyptnotizing and/or just where it is being done, all these acts of terrorims could be twarted, and turning young Arabs or Muslims, or middle-eastern or Asian people into brainwashed and/or hyptnotized pawns, could be averted.  

But, wasn't warnings about "sleeper cells" being discussed as far back as the Reagan Administration?  I mean, if our own government knew this that far back, why have they just waited until after each attack to do anything?  

But then again, the only way it would make sense for a government to know that far ahead of time that terrorist attacks are coming down the pike, and stand idly by and do nothing to avoid it, would be if that government wanted to allow enough of such attacks to happen long enough, to use such attacks to frighten the masses into giving up their [or their remaining] Constitutional and Civil Rights.

Umm . . . 

[One onion has many layers ]



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