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Reply to "Jury Selected For Cop Who Allegedly Raped 13 Black Women; Twitter Questions Lack of Media Coverage"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:
Originally Posted by RadioRaheem:

My prediction based on the jury selection only:



a mistrial





Of course!  


Who, exactly is representing his victims?  What attorney not work the ink on his law degree is not contesting, or allowed in the first place, a jury makeup like that.  


It's going to be the Marissa Alexander and Trayvon Martin trials all over again, where the prosecutor is going to deliberately throw the trial to guarantee that no one will have to pay for harming, or brutalizing or raping or even murdering someone Black.  


This will be aided by America's racist media that has been trying to 'blackout' the story entirely, because of course, it flies in the face of the racist propaganda that tries to make the world believe that only White women are raped, and that only rapists in America are Black.  


Look at how much coverage was given to Cosby's accusers with no evidence whatsoever.  Now compare that to the conscious, deliberate media 'blackout' of this case.



I am wondering how the jury is going to get around the fact that the 10+ Black women victims did not know each other, but all have the same story.  I guess it doesn't matter to the jury.  Facts don't matter!!