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Reply to "Julian Bond, former NAACP chairman, hopes activists of today learn civil rights history"

Sign the Card

Julian Bond, Rest in Power

Sign the card to the Bond family to express your condolences.



He was a revolutionary, a civil rights icon, a pioneer, a poet and a national treasure.


Julian Bond, who was a founding member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and a chairman of the NAACP, passed away at his home in Florida on Saturday, August 15.


His determination and commitment to justice is why we will hold fast to Julian Bond’s memory. His reach extends far beyond his own generation’s advocacy for civil rights and continues to motivate us to work to give voice to Black people. As the SNCC communications director turned movement leader, he helped build the foundation on which all justice-oriented organizations, including ColorOfChange, are able to organize today.


Our thoughts are with the Bond family as they fulfill his final wishes by putting him to rest at sea in a private ceremony. Please join us in sending condolences to his family by signing this card.



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