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Reply to "Judge Alito: Bye Bye Affirmative Action"

The achievement of reaching LTC is based on merit.

And that has what to do with your earlier comments which you have now, curiously, abandoned?

You know, the point where you had to admit that there is no merit-based system in education (Are all grade schools equal?):

"Being acccepted to Michigan or UCLA... should be based on [merit]."

SHOULD BE but it isn't and you're not even close to demonstrating that you actually believe in "merit". If so, you wouldn't be so selective in your outrage over Affirmative Action. Selective to the point of LYING YOUR ASS OFF about "your" personal experience (attributing your not applying yourself to AA).

If you were all about merit then you would have something substantive to say about any and every instance in which merit is not the standard. You have yet to comment on LEGACIES, athletic scholarships or those White students at the UofM, etc., who slide in under the radar yet don't demonstrate the strict academic "merit" you act like you're in support of.

No comments from you on the long history of HIDDEN QUOTAS it would seem [Whites] have used against Asians. You know, those people you wanted to pit against African-Americans, e.g., and your idea of what Affirmative Action is (which is not in line with reality). So, it's obviously not "merit" that's your concern. "Merit" is only a proxy for something else you'd rather not disclose.