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Reply to "Joseph C. Phillips Interview"

I am unconcerned if you think I am attacking joseph phillips.

I find no legitimacy in many of the things he says...He can be heard commenting on NPR shows with Tavis Smiley and Ed Gordon.

He is one of those Colin Powell quoting lift yourself up by the bootstraps people with nothing particularly relevant to add. How can he take issue with the "he talk like he white" sentiment and all that that entails if he has a stake in defending white americans?

How can he legitimately speak to black this and black that if he has no true investment in black? That he is a black man married to a white woman...hooray, great, wonderful. That he is a black man married to a white woman and presuming to have something relevant to say about black culture, of which he has removed himself?

Bears some critique...

And anybody who quotes Mr. kisswhitebutt john mcwhorter is immediately dismissed from serious consideration.

Originally posted by ddouble:
Nice read-

I think his observation on our social conversatism is spot on. Unfortunately, it gets used for others gain and our detriment too often.

I don't think African Americans are in a position to view the world "colorblind" though. Phillips' also couldn't (or wouldn't) define or identify himself as the ever-elusive Black Conservative. The search continues...

Maybe this book will hit the local library soon and I can give it a read.

I'm curious negrospiritual-
Would you interpret Phillips' white wife the same way if he held views that you agree with? Seems like an ad hominem attack to me. I respect MBM for not going there.