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Reply to "Johnny Cochran, May You Rest in Peace....."

Originally posted by Kevin41:
.....if you really gave a f-k about black people.......your conversation would consist of recommendations to correct the things you see so wrong with black people.....not just criticism that is as non-productive as the f-ked up things SOME black people are doing.....along with OTHERS........there isn't schit in terms of human behavior that is privy to one group, good or bad. The sooner you get that schit through your thick azz noggin....the better off you'll be....and the more intelligent you will do not have to believe schit I say.but the truth is the truth......and even Lofty Lofton cannot change matter what the f-k he feels it should be............

*Saying inaccurate bullshit and then clamming up when being called out on it is a very childish tactic....I guess that is supposed to anger or frustrate someone......I guess, you are stuck in a rut for real......

illlegal immigrants, undocumented immigrants do not qualify for U.S. Citizenship rights, or U.S. Constitutional protections!

....again, seeing is believing because following rules, respect for law, being ethical, although stressed in most every other community, continue to miss the mark in the typical Black community, South Central Los Angeles, Compton, Oakland, Inglewood, etc., being typical!!

......same response,

.....nor has it been proven where illegal immigrant-serving-foreign-interests-at-the- expense-of-South-Central-Los-Angeles-unfit-to-hold-the-position-of-so-much-as-"dog catcher"-let-alone-California-State-Assemblyman, in no good Merv Dymally.

It has yet to be proven where he is a citizen. Even if it was proven that he is a citizen, he is still a misfit, and unfit to hold elected office, in any capacity.

....but I suppose, speaking of a no good illegal immigrant Merv Dymally

.....serving foreign interests at the expense of the residents of a Compton, South Central Los Angeles, etc., the 52nd State Assembly District in a Compton, or South Central Los Angeles, would include Africa, Asia, the Caribbeans, or other foreign countries??

Enough of no good illegal immigrant serving foreign interests at the expense of South Central Los Angeles no good Merv Dymally. I've condemned many of the so-called Black elected leaders, the Black middle class, etc., etc., with good reason for doing so!

One need not look far for new material as applied to Ghettopoly in Real Life, than to observe the actions of no good illegal immigrant Merv Dymally, "Brentwood" Burke, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Ambulance Chasing Attorney Johnny Cochran, "Kerosene" Waters, Killer/Butcher King Hospital, "Little Napoleon" Marc Ridley Thomas, "Always Missing in Action" Congresswoman Diane Watson, the Felon turned Preacher former Congressman Walter Tucker, in a class of poverty pimps beyond all others no good Poverty Pimping Danny Bakewell, etc., etc., etc., and the so-called Black middleclass and/or university educated who protect, defend, serve, and praise this trash!

....and to think, the Felony Cocaine Snorting former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, topped it all. Marion Barry would be a "Saint" when compared to these individuals!


Michael Lofton
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