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Reply to "Johnny Cochran, May You Rest in Peace....."

Originally posted by Kevin41:
I asked you something specifically......that answer is irrelevant to the question...but it speaks volumes about who you are and how you think.....very irrational, yet predictable.....I wonder if you answered specific questions the same aross the board in electrician's school.....did you?

.....same response, this is very relevent, because it is of little value to touch bases with a Kevin41, or Kweli4Real who do not have a vested interest in this situation!

Neither you nor Kweli4Real have to live in a community such as a South Central Los Angeles, Compton, etc., to which the leadership is saturated with Black imcompetence.

...Where Black people in positions of influence refuse to be responsible, ethical, competent, etc., make no mistake the demographic shift from Black to Hispanic will remove this incompetent Black elected leadership from office.

Originally posted by Kevin41:
so let me ask you Lofton....since you insist on saying that I have dumbed myself down...and I have by continuing to talk to someone with a closed azz mind like yourself while I have online students to teach,let me ask you a question.

Would you call it dumbing down when a person like yourself makes a statement that they cannot substantiate (Dymally)?

Also would you consider it continuous or redundant self-dumbing down when a person like yourself insists on sticking to a point you cannot prove? At what point would you consider a person sticking to statments they cannot prove as adopting dumbness as a way of life?

Well Kevin41,

You and Kweli4Real, can continue on. I'm not about to change course, apologize, etc, etc.

Furthermore, neither you, nor Kweli4Real live in these areas, meaning your input is of little value, because you do not live in a South Central Los Angeles, Compton, etc.

Unlike you, I have a vested interest in the situation. This being said your input is worthless.

.....nor has it been proven where illegal immigrant-serving-foreign-interests-at-the- expense-of-South-Central-Los-Angeles-unfit-to-hold-the-position-of-so-much-as-"dog catcher"-let-alone-California-State-Assemblyman, in no good Merv Dymally......

.........prove where he is a citizen. It is Merv Dymally's duty to prove to his constituency that he is in fact a citizen, than for me to prove or disprove that he is. So far, it has yet to be published, printed, established, etc., other than to say that Merv Dymally is a native of Trinidad. "Native of Trinidad" and "Citizen of the United States" do not equate. Even if it was proven that he is a citizen, he is still a misfit, and unfit to hold elected office in any capacity.

Well, enough of no good illegal immigrant serving foreign interests at the expense of South Central Los Angeles no good Merv Dymally.

I refuse to narrow this subject matter down to a no good illegal immigrant Merv Dymally like you, and Kweli4Real, have the tendency to do.

I have not deviating from the original subject matter, in that far too many of the so-called Black elected leaders, the so-called Black middleclass are truly a disgrace.

I've condemned many of the so-called Black elected leaders, the Black middle class, etc., etc., with good reason for doing so!

One need not look far for new material as applied to Ghettopoly in Real Life, than to observe the actions of no good illegal immigrant Merv Dymally, "Brentwood" Burke, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Ambulance Chasing Attorney Johnny Cochran, "Kerosene" Waters, Killer/Butcher King Hospital, "Little Napoleon" Marc Ridley Thomas, "Always Missing in Action" Congresswoman Diane Watson, the Felon turned Preacher former Congressman Walter Tucker, in a class of poverty pimps beyond all others no good Poverty Pimping Danny Bakewell, etc., etc., etc., and the so-called Black middleclass and/or university educated who protect, defend, serve, and praise this trash!

....and to think, the Felony Cocaine Snorting former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, topped it all. Marion Barry would be a "Saint" when compared to these individuals!


Michael Lofton
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