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Reply to "Johnny Cochran, May You Rest in Peace....."

Well said, EgbertSouse,

"I still haven't figured out which of Johnnie's kids were from his wife and which ones were from the mistress he kept secret for years until the media called him out on it. His two-timing is hardly ever mentioned now.

Another Johnnie unmentionable...

Back in the mid-1990s, following the untimely plane crash death of Larry Hillblom (the founding 'H' in DHL Freight Forwarders), it was revealed that old Larry had a son by a then underage island girl who was seeking over $50 million dollars in the courts on the island of Saipan where Hillblom lived. Across the Pacific in Los Angeles, Johnnie Cochran, still basking in the glory of the O.J. farce, smelled easy money and immediately flew out to Saipan to join in the carving up of the billion-dollar Hillblom estate - most of which had been slated to be given to the U. of California for medical research. Hey, but surely Johnnie could play the race card and convince a judge that the "racist" (white) Hillblom had recklessly impregnated an innocent young girl of color who deserved the bucks, after Johnnie got his share.

Well, turns out Johnnie had forgotten to account for some other "people of color" in the case - namely, the brown-skinned islander shark-lawyers from Guam and Saipan who were already in a feeding frenzy over the easy money. When a few polite "thanks, Mr. Cochran, but we don't need your services," didn't convince Johnnie to leave, a follow-up number of death threats did. Johnnie got the message and left the island on the next thing with aluminum wings heading back to the West Coast. In the end, paternity was proven. The mother, son, and the shark-lawyers carved up the $50+ million bucks. Johnnie didn't get a penny.

Therefore, perhaps it was a good thing that Johnnie's funeral was overshadowed by the Pope's death. Less mention of the unmentionables in the life of this black hero." by EgbertSouse

It is certain the large number of Black people who picketed "ambulance chasing" Johnny Cochran's law office, a few years ago, near the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Highland, formulated the same opinion, meaning far from giving praise, or "High Fiving" Attorney Johnny Cochran.

Many of the Black middle class, the Black upper-class, and/or celebrities may praise Johnny Cochran, but it is certain that by and large, the Black "rank and file" have lost respect for no good Attorney Johnny Cochran.

Heck, look who showed up to praise him,...namely no Good Poverty Pimping Jesse Jackson, "Poverty Pimping Head of the Brotherhood Crusade and owner of the Los Angeles Sentinel no good sleazy beyond belief" Danny Bakewell, no good Reverend Al Sharpton, soon to go down like the Titanic Michael Jackson, the should be serving time behind bars P-Diddy and O.J., appeasing to get the Black vote for his re-election Mayor James Hahn, appeasing the Black community to ease tension between the Black community and the LAPD Los Angeles Police Chief Bratton, and/or a few blind followers who evidently don't know any better.


Michael Lofton


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