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Reply to "Johnny Cochran, May You Rest in Peace....."

Originally posted by Huey:
Can you form your own thoughts and views without citing quotes like a book report? What are your opinions about Mr. Cochran? by Huey

Can you form your own thoughts and views without citing quotes like a book report? What are your opinions about Mr. Cochran? by Huey

If your thoughts and views are not supported by factual information, very few people of merit would listen or respect what you choose to convey. Thus it is very important to cite references, real personal experiences, credentials, eye witnessed accounts, documented case files, input from credible individuals, proof, etc., to support your contentions.

I've seen the sleaze of no good poverty pimping Reverend Jesse Jackson while with other family members at Washington High School. An individual, who has lived in Los Angeles for any length of time would have to be a complete idiot to not know that Danny Bakewell is not just as sleazy if not more. far as the many jackleg preachers, in an H.H. Brookins, etc., and their sleazy deacons, I've seen this activity since my childhood, so much so, that although I believe in "God" strongly I refuse to attend any church to where the pastors, the deacons, and/or any worshiping congregation follow sleaze.

It makes no difference whether the Black church is large or small. The games to collect tidings by the many no good Black preachers, and their deacons are very easy to see, or hear. The snake oil games to collect tidings have been going on for decades. I don't think I need to elaborate, because anyone who has spent anytime in the "Hood" can attest to this reality.

What are your opinions about Mr. Cochran? by Huey

I think I've already done that. Attorney Johnny Cochran is not in my list of heroes, because he like the rest is not worthy of such praise.

I can produce the information to prove that Attorney Johnny Cochran is not what the media portray, or those who blindly admire him, praise him to be.

Much of the information to prove just how far that Black middle class, and/or the so-called university educated from the Black community will go to sell out Black folks who have legitimate claims to redress, in litigation where Black people are plaintiffs, and the defendents are the Los Angeles Unified School District, is of court record, to which anyone can view it, by paying to see the case file. The Los Angeles County archives contains this information under Los Angeles Superior Court case #C895188.

Furthermore, I know of others, either personally, or by association, who have contacted Attorney Johnny Cochran, et al., too many of our own so called Black elected officials, etc. These individuals have legitimate grievances for serious redress where innocent Black men or women have been fined, jailed, and/or both in Los Angeles.

Like usual, game playing, the information as presented was returned to the sender, or a long train of excuses to do absolutely nothing. There is nothing better than written evidence to prove your claim. I'm not going to praise anyone unworthy of praise, be it Attorney Johnny Cochran, et al., or numerous members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Attorney Johnny Cochran, does not serve the oppressed. He serves celebrities, criminals, or undercuts other Black Attorneys or other attorneys to promote his own personal interests at the expense of the rights of the truly law abiding based on "Equal Justice and Protection under the Law".

The fact that Simpson's antics freed O.J. Simpson, and P-Diddy are a very good example of twisted "Equal Justice and Protection Under the Law", to which without me introducing any information about my own plight, it is very easy to see the real Attorney Johnny Cochran, meaning winning at any cost, even if it means setting the truly criminal free!

P-Diddy is not among the oppressed. P-Diddy truly had a loaded firearm in his possession, and just like the O.J. trial, Attorney Johnny Cochran has a history of helping to free the criminal element and not freeing Black men or women who are truly innocent.

"Reverend James McCloskey of Princeton, N.J., had labored for fifteen years on behalf of those he called "the imprisoned innocent," and his Centurion Ministries had freed fourteen doomed men and one woman. For Pratt, McCloskey played his accustomed role of one-man detective agency, spending a year slogging through the killing fields of the Los Angeles and Oakland ghettos and running up 150,000 miles of travel in pursuit of new leads." ...Reverend McCloskey of Centurion Ministries is the primary individual responsible for the evidence that freed Geronimo Pratt.

It is a misnomer to think that Attorney Johnny Cochran freed Geronimo Pratt. Attorney Johhny Cochran did not involve himself until many years later when the media made this big, and/or when Caucasian lawyers, made the case to free Geronimo Pratt.

Heck I'm not the only lone Black person who does not think much of Attorney Johnny Cochran. A few years ago, a large group of Black people picketed Attorney Johnny Cochran's legal practice, here in Los Angeles, near Highland and Wilshire Blvd for months, for the sleaze played on them. Believe it or not, Attorney Johnny Cochran is a no good ambulance chasing trial lawyer.

Heck, in the 60's Attorney Johnny Cochran betrayed the Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Deadwyler family by handing over very damaging photographs of Los Angeles Police misconduct, to the Los Angeles City attorneys before the pretrial hearing. This enabled Los Angeles City Attorneys, and/or the LAPD to cover up the LAPD's wrongful acts of senselessly murdering Mr. Leonard Deadwyler. To date justice has yet to be served in the Deadwyler case, namely because Attorney Johnny Cochran double crossed the Mr. and Mrs. Deadwyler family heirs!


Michael Lofton
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