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Reply to "Johnny Cochran, May You Rest in Peace....."

"You are one troubled azz individual who lacks common decency....your sorry azz will take a person's death and use it as an opportunity to denigrate individuals. That bullschit you talk everyday is one thing....but there still is a time and place where that self-loathing bullschit is not appropriate...this is about Mr. Cochran and respects to him......not how much you hate black people(and yourself) in general......get a f-king grip.............." by Kevin41

....I think somebody else has to get a grip. Johhny Cochran, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Black America's finest jackleg preachers, Poverty Pimping Danny Bakewell, the typical deceitful Congressional Black Caucus, etc., denigrated themselves either by association with criminals or sleaze or by being criminal or sleazy themselves.

..... as for your two cents I could care less as to what you think of me, because you are not in anyway an ingredient to my success.

....and by the way, I'm not the author of the material associated with the hyperlink, which is a strong indication that there are other individuals who have the same viewpoint about Johhny Cochran et al, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the many misfits that far too many Black people choose to worship, etc.

...and a ton of valid information exists to show that these individuals denigrated themselves. The only actions to which I have complete control over are my own.

You won't find any information out there that denigrates me that sticks, or holds validity as expressed by the authors of this material in the hyperlink. If a large number of Black people choose to idolize misfits, that's on them and not me.

"Resplendently tailored and silky-voiced, clever and genteel, Cochran came to epitomize the formidable litigator, sought after by the famous and wealthy, the obscure and struggling, all believing that they were victims of the system in one way or another." Carla Hall and John Spano, Times Staff Writers

"...Dozens of celebrities and thousands of neighbors" by Carla Hall and John Spano, Times Staff Writers

West Angeles Cathedral has Absolutely no Connection to the Oppressed! Furthermore 10th District Carpet Bagging Martin Ludlow, Ludlow being one of the misfits, who uses deceit to hold elected office, and has yet to serve the 10th district is married to Reverend Charles Blake's daughter.

Reverend Charles Blake heads West Los Angeles Cathedral, the eye sore of the Black community. West Los Angeles Cathedral is surrounded by residents who actually live in poverty, many are unemployed, on welfare, under-employed, etc., while that typical no good jack-leg Black preacher shakes down revenue for his own personal gain at the expense of Black people, by demanding tidings beyond belief.

A person should only give according to what they desire or are able to give, and not be pressured by the demands of any preacher for any reason.

In essense then the typical Black Church is truly sacreligious, in that instead of being the messenger of the "Great Almight God", these edifices of disgrace or preachers of sleaze and greed, have become "Doctors or Artists at Pimping the Black Community"

Oh by the way, giving is supposed to be a two way transaction!.

Again, Yo Crip, Yo Blood, Yo Bloodette, Yo Crippette, I would kiss the ground that you walk on if instead of preying on Black people who have not harmed you, you make it your business to:

A. Remove the sleasy, such as a Martin Ludlow from elected office by any means necessary!

B. Take back the mega bucks in tidings gained through deceit, by these no good jack leg preachers and redistribute the revenue to the Black community, the community being you, your family, your neighborhood, your community!

C. Remove the label of honor from any misfit unworthy of honor!

D. Be your own leader, and shake off the shackles of bondage held over you by that no good treasonous Black middle class!

Since 1979 I have lived in the 10th District, and I'm not the only individual who knows of this sleaze, be it the sleaze of our own Black elected leadership, or the many no good snake oil sleaze artists no good Black preachers!

Using false pretenses to hold elected office no good deceitful carpet-bagging Martin Ludlow, is a prime example of that sleazy no good set of Black elected officials! and large the champions of Attorney Cochran are namely celebrities, a Reverend Charles Blake's 5,000-seat West Angeles Cathedral, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Poverty Pimping Danny Bakewell, the "upper class Blacks", and not the truly oppressed.

" reality has it an Attorney Johnny Cochran, etal., have done very little "for the obscure and struggling." as expressed by Carla Hall and John Spano, Times Staff Writers

Attorney Johnny Cochran supported those who the media has already exposed, and not the truly oppressed. Considering the untold number of truly innocent Black men and women who have been, are, and continue to be illegally incarcerated, and/or have been seriously violated by the atrocities of government, be it Los Angeles County or any other jurisdiction, rarely will an Attorney Johnny Cochran, et al, get involved,

This being said, again, Kevin41, and/or anyone else of similar disposition I choose my own heroes and not you!


Michael Lofton
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